Make that transition from Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing

What you will learn

Know how to articulate your thoughts and ideas in writing.

Transit from Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing.

Learn the craft and discipline of writing a full-length book.

Break into English-language writing and publishing scene as a non-native English speaker.

Understand the thought process and mindset that goes in becoming an author.

Learn how to write compelling blogs and articles.

Learn the attributes and skills needed to become a best-selling writer.


Are you a blogger looking to take your game to the next level? Are you a newbie writer looking to go professional with your writing? Are you looking to pen your first novel? A memoir? Or non-fiction book? Are you a thought leader who wants to leverage the power of words? Or are you someone who has a “positive message and inspiration” who’s looking to win hearts? Sway the masses? Rest assure, you’re in the right place.

How to become a published author? is a quick guide to get you started in your aspirations. It is a how-to manual also when it comes to getting published. Moreover, it will help you “develop the thought process and mindset of an author”. It will help you understand and acknowledge the inevitable  difficulties in an author’s path and help you learn ways to tackle them.  This course will finally help you leverage the power of communication, networking and technology–all essential components of  traditional publishing success.




Introduction to How to become a published author

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0201Reflecting on motivations.

Learn writing through being an observer of Life.

02.01: Challenges in a writer’s path.

02.02 Asking about motivations helps with your enthusiasm for writing.

Going forward.

0401 Few Thoughts Going Forward.

0401 How to make a blend of communication and technology work to your advantage

0501 Go out and share your work.

Ask yourself what your objectives are as a writer.

Reflecting on what we learned in this course.