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Activate your Higher Vibrational Chakras

What you will learn

Learn about six 5D Chakras

Get Grounded into 5D Earth

You will get an upleveling in your energy system

You will get a Sound Bath for each high vibe Chakra


In this course I will be teaching you about you six high vibrational Chakras.  As we go through the Ascension process as an individual and a collective, we are releasing energy that is dense and no longer serves a purpose.  Part of this process is brining on board the high vibrational chakras.  These chakras are already in your energy field but by learning about them and getting activated to them you will be able to connect with them, work with them and you will be able to hold more light in your energy field.

You will receive 6 lectures & activation videos.  You will learn about the Earth Star Chakra, High Heart Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, Causal Chakra, Time Transcendence Chakra and your Stellar Gateway Chakra.  There is a sound bath that acts as and activation and upleveling of these Chakras.  The sound baths include, Reiki, Light Language and the help of high vibrational beings such as unicorns and dragons.

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I have also included a video that has all six sound baths without the lecture so you can listen to this as a meditation or as you are falling asleep.  There is also a grounding video that you should listen to after the activation videos.  You can listen to more then one activation video at a time then listen to the grounding video or do one activation video at a time and then do the grounding video.  Whatever feels right for you is the right way to do it.




Introduction to your High Vibrational Chakras

Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra Lecture and Sound Bath

High Heart Chakra

High Heart Chakra Lecture & Sound Bath

Soul Star Chakra Lecture & Sound Bath

Soul Star Chakra

Causal Chakra Lecture & Sound Bath

Causal Chakra

Time Transcendence Chakra Lecture & Sound Bath

Time Transcendence Chakra

Stellar Gateway Chakra Lecture & Sound Bath

Stellar Gateway Chakra

All six-chakra sound bath

Sound Bath for Meditation

Get Grounded, Sound Bath

Get Grounded

Location of High Vibe Chakras PDF

Location of High Vibe Chakras