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What you will learn

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Keep your Relationship Healthy in a Fun and Engaging way, with The 28-day “Well of True Gestures” Mini-Course Bootcamp!

28 days to set your Relationship on Fire! Relationships are Opportunities for Growth and Learning.

Playful interactions can reignite the spark. Playfulness fosters emotional intimacy.

Pick a Heart Card each day for 28 days. Follow Yours and your Partner’s mood. Pick a card at random, or choose a card. Follow the exercise in the Heart Card.

Through their parents’ relationships, children learn how to think, understand, behave, express emotions and develop social skills. HAVE FUN! CONNECT. BOND.

•Building Intimacy •Effective Communication •Conflict Resolution •Growth Mindset •Emotional Intelligence.

•How to improve Quality of Relationship with your life partner •Fighting is inevitable So always follow the Rules for fighting.

•How to increase communication between life partners• Ingredients necessary for closeness, cooperation, and mutual respect.

•Facing the complexities of relationship with wisdom and compassion.

And much, much MORE! With fun exercises. Take the Challenge for 28-Days!