Learn about hacks for your feet, legs, back, workouts, skin, diet and brain cells.

What you will learn

Understand hacks for improving the performance of your body: feet, back, legs, workouts, fasting, eating, skin care and supplements.

Support your physical endurance by using equipment and products that keep you going longer

Modify workouts to help protect your heart, mind and body

Eating on a restricted schedule to cleanse your less functional cells and reduce weight gain


Take charge of your body and mind starting from the feet up. Protect your feet, back and legs from the assaults of daily activities. For example, toss out those typical running or walking shoes! Select the best footwear for working the bones and muscles in your feet in the proper way. Get your body positioned well to avoid injuries. Keep your back from feeling discomfort and developing disc compression. Use a top rated adjustable desk instead of sitting in a chair for hours while online working, reading or writing. Discover the joys of stretching your body and toning your abdominal muscles. Promote leg movements and foot strength by utilizing a device that balances, cushions and supports you while standing.

Understand the best way to approach your workouts over time. Learn about the optimal exercises and activities to protect your heart from damage as you negotiate adulthood. Make your skin glow with exfoliation, vitamin A and natural acids. Prevent wrinkles and sun spots by using gold standard products instead of less effective potions.

Eat the kinds of food that will enhance your capacity to function well over time. Avoid strokes and cardiac problems by eliminating certain eating habits. Support cellular health by embracing short and long term fasts. Ingest the sorts of supplements that will: protect key brain cells, increase your health span, reduce inflammation throughout your system as well as promote more physical and mental energy. Many top notch habits and products will be suggested that are based on solid research and years of lived experience.




Preview and Introduction


Avoiding Foot and Leg Injuries

Segment 1 Barefoot Workouts

Segment 2 – Protecting Your Feet during Workouts

Segment 3: Monitoring Your Footsteps and Other Ideas

Hacks for Your Back and Legs

Segment 1 – Back Pain from Sitting

Segment 2 – Standing Desk Options

Segment 3 – Wurf Board for Leg Fatigue

Segment 4 – Stretches

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Section 4 – Workout Intensity and Age

Segment 1 – Dialing Workouts Back

Segment 2 – Workouts to Embrace

Segment 3 – What to Avoid with Age

Section 5 – Skin Care Hacks

Segment 1 – Cleansing and Exfoliation

Segment 2 – Preventing and Removing Wrinkles

Segment 3 – Using Natural and Commercial Products to Renew Your Skin

Segment 4 – Protecting Your Hands and Lips

Eating and Fasting Hacks

Foods to Avoid

Foods to Embrace

Segment 3 – Time Restricted Eating and Fasting

Supplements for Healthspan Longevity

Sirtuins and How to Protect Them

NMN and Our Mitochondria

Turmeric and Other Options