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Explore every corner of your subjective experience and find your Authentic Relaxation

What you will learn

Deeper Relaxation and Body Awareness

Illumination Meditation and Interior Light

Third Eye Activation

Physical Pain Awareness and Dissolving

Dissolving Mental Tangles

Witnessing Meditation

Meditation for Sleep Preparation

Expanding Mind Meditation

Expanding Heart Meditation

Dissolving the Ego


Turn your Awareness towards your subjective experience!

This course of guided Meditations is an exploration of your very own experience

You will discover:

  • Deeper relaxation
  • Illumination and Third Eye activation
  • Physical pain Awareness
  • How to dissolve mental tangles
  • Witnessing
  • Deeper sleep Awareness
  • Expanding Mind
  • Expanding Heart
  • Dissolving the self

Your interior world is vast and magnificent

By following these guided Meditations, you will develop your ability to experience

With deeper experience comes:

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  • Deeper self-Awareness
  • Clarity of self-knowledge
  • Greater creativity
  • Sensitivity to the senses
  • Vibrancy of life
  • Meaningful connection with people, places and events

So much in this world is too much concerned with busyness

The over-stimulation of popular culture makes it impossible to work peacefully and masterfully

Listen to these guided Meditations for:

  • Finding quiet in the mind
  • Expanding your ability to concentrate
  • Relaxing your body
  • Slowing your pace of life
  • Moving more towards being values
  • Opening to peace and calm
  • Releasing stress and tension
  • Feeling a renewed outlook on life

These guided Meditations have been carefully constructed to put you in touch with your inner Awareness

Once you learn your own inner Awareness, it can be turned to any part of your life!

This is the secret to living life to its deepest depth!

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Introduction and Course Overview

Guided Meditations

Introduction to Relaxation

Relaxation and Body Awareness – Guided Meditation

Introduction to Illumination

Illumination and Third Eye Activation – Guided Meditation