Discover the practices mentioned in Islam to maintain complete personal hygiene and establish your own hygiene routine!

What you will learn

A deep understanding of the principles and foundations of personal hygiene and how to apply them according to Islamic teachings.

Raising awareness about the role of personal hygiene in maintaining health, thereby aiding in the prevention of certain diseases.

Grasp the historical and social context of hygiene practices in Islam and their influence on society.

Motivating viewers to cultivate healthy habits based on the practices mentioned in the course.


Welcome to Personal Hygiene in Islam!

This comprehensive and detailed course, presented in a simplified style, sheds light on how to maintain personal hygiene according to Islamic laws and practices. As you progress through the episodes, you will notice that this series presents information in a condensed and direct manner, lacking of unnecessary digressions. Each episode appropriately addresses aspects of hygiene for body parts such as the mouth, nose, ears, armpits, private areas, and more.

The content of the course has been meticulously selected and structured for its sensitivity to the subject matter and the diversity of aspects mentioned therein. It ends in a concluding episode that offers students a set of “Routines” aligned with Islamic principles, allowing them to apply all the practices acquired in this series.

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Moreover, this course covers historical and social aspects of hygiene practices in Islam. It also emphasizes the importance of applying this knowledge in daily life and provides practical advice for improving personal hygiene practices.

Given that the course addresses topics that may be sensitive to some viewers, such as episodes on “Hygiene of the Private Areas” and “Mandatory Showers,” the content has been presented with extreme caution and within a framework that respects viewers’ modesty.  The course is aimed at audiences over the age of eighteen (+18).

All information mentioned has been acquired either face-to-face or through oral teachings.




Episode 1 – The INTRODUCTION


Episode 2 – Hygiene of the EYES
Episode 3 – Hygiene of the EARS
Episode 4 – Hygiene of the NOSE
Episode 5 – Hygiene of the MOUTH
Episode 6 – Hygiene of the HANDS and the FEET
Episode 7 – Hygiene of the HAIR and the BEARD
Episode 8 – Hygiene of the MOUSTACHE and the MOUCHE
Episode 9 – Hygiene of the ARMPITS
Episode 10 – Hygiene of the PRIVATE AREAS
Episode 11 – Recommended SHOWERS
Episode 12 – Mandatory SHOWERS
Episode 13 – The ABLUTION


Episode 14 – The ROUTINES