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Do you need more grounding in your life?

What you will learn

The student will learn what is grounding?

The student will learn the symptoms of being ungrounded

The student will learn how to connect to grounding crystals, such as black tourmaline, petrified wood and smoky quartz

The student will learn to connect with the Earth Dragons

The student will be able to help with their own healing and energies with this short session


In this short free session, I discuss, grounding and three powerful crystals.

Grounding in my opinion is essential, if you are connecting and working with spirit.

Here I discuss the symptoms of being ungrounded, and how three grounding crystals, may help.

I guide you into into three powerful sessions with Black Tourmaline, Smoky quartz, and Petrified wood.  All crystals that are known to help with grounding.

Ideally you will need to bring these three crystals, or at least one to the session, as this is one of the best forms of connecting with a crystal.

As an advanced crystal healer, teacher, and mentor, I share how I used crystals in my early days of recovering from chronic pain and fatigue.

In the last session, because I work primarily with the Atlantean energies, I share the Earth Dragons with you. As a teacher of Diana Coopers School of light, Qualified Teacher in Unicorns, I show how in this session, dragons are just as powerful. In the era of Ancient Atlantis we were all connected to the dragons, as we are now with our Angels.

The earth dragons are here assisting with the planet at present, clearing energies, but they can also help people with clearing their own energy. They love to clear physical pain.

If you love, guided meditations, activations then, this free short course maybe for you, 

Come and enjoy some sacred and fun time with me

Much love,

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what are the symptoms of being ungrounded?

What is ungrounded?

Lets feel how we connect with Black tourmaline

Lets work with the crystal Black Tourmaline

This session is all about Petrified Wood and feeling the connection with it

This lecture connects you with the Petrified wood

This session is the connection with smoky quartz

Enhance and work with the crystal smoky quartz

The Earth Dragons

Feeling a connection with the Earth dragons for grounding