Let’s start the journey to get stronger with simple and slow movements using that big, round, bouncy Stability Ball

What you will learn

strengthen our core muscles

strengthen our leg muscles

strengthen our back muscles

strengthen our arm muscles

Why take this course?

Welcome to this course, the goal of this course is to use the stability ball to do a combination of exercises at a slow pace, low impact exercises to strengthen our core, leg, ab, chest, arms and calf muscles.

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I will be using a stability ball and also a weight such as a mini punching bag, and various resistance bands. The various exercises in the videos include leg raises, passing the ball from in between your legs to your arms, variations of sit-ups, squats, two different types of planks, chest press and rows with resistance bands while sitting on the stability ball.

First, I demonstrate a boat hold using the stability ball and performing the bicycles ab exercise. Second, I will go through the roll out exercise to develop and strengthen our core muscles and calf raises with a weight on our thighs to develop our calf muscles. Third, I demonstrate different exercises to strengthen our back muscles such as the cobra and back extensions and alternating arm and legs while our stomach is on the stability ball. Finally, I end the course by demonstrating various types of push-ups with the stability ball such as incline, decline and raising a leg up at the bottom of each push-up.

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