Prepare for your next programming interview, no matter the language or tech stack. Examples in C#.

What you will learn

Prepare for a coding interview, no matter the tech stack.

Understand how interviewers evaluate candidates.

Learn how to handle questions you don’t know the answer to.

Make a learning plan to nail the technical questions.

Learn what non-technical questions to expect and how to prepare to answer them.

Understand how you can interview the company you apply to, to know if it’s worth your time.

Free e-book and checklist included.


What impression you make during an interview can determine the future of your career. Getting ready for it can make the difference between having your dream job, or being stuck where you don’t want to be.

Conducting technical interviews is part of my job. Over my career, I’ve done over 100 of them. I know exactly what companies expect from candidates during interviews, and I will share this knowledge with you, so you can use it to your advantage.

This course will help you become ready for your next interview. Being prepared will make you feel more confident and relaxed, which can make a huge difference during the interview.

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Here is what you will learn in this course which is only a little longer than 1 hour:

  1. How to get ready to answer the technical questions.
  2. How to prepare to talk about your experience and portfolio.
  3. Why not only the technical knowledge matter.
  4. What the interview looks like from the interviewer’s perspective.
  5. How to deal with questions you don’t know the answer to.
  6. How interviewers verify your potential, and how to present yourself as a valuable addition to the dev team.
  7. What are the most common mistakes during coding interviews and how to avoid them.
  8. How do interviews differ for junior, mid, and seniorlevel candidates.
  9. What are the most common, non-technical questions, and how to get ready to answer them.
  10. What questions you should ask the interviewer, to find out if the company you apply to will be a good place for you.To help you make a plan for getting ready, I prepared a checklist of all things you should do before the interview.

Also, a free e-book is included with this course, with a compilation of all lectures.

This course is free, so don’t hesitate to join me!




Important tips and free e-book
How this couse is organized

Before the interview

Section introduction
Prepare to answer the technical questions
Review your experience
Prepare to talk about your portfolio

The interview

Section introduction
Why not only the technical qestions matter – a case study
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – the introduction
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – the technical knowledge
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – the will to learn
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – the clean code
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – solid and trustworthy colleagues
How interviewers evaluate the candidates – candidate pleasant to work with
What to do if you don’t know the answer to a question (and what not to do)
Most common mistakes
Different interviews for different levels of seniority
Common non-technical questions

Before the interview ends

Section introduction
Before the interview ends

Summary & bonus lecture

Checklist – link
Bonus lecture