How to use the Crypto Wizards platform to find an edge in trading with statistical arbitrage, vanilla arbitrage and ML

What you will learn

How to use Crypto Wizards to detect an edge and form trading strategies

How to find straight forward arbitrage opportunities

How to objectively find incredible Pairs Trading opportunities

How to use no-code Machine Learning to gain an objective edge and make predictions

How to spot exchange activity that will happen in the future using on-chain information

How to get automatically notified on Telegram for trading opportunities


Per popular request, a video course walkthrough has been put together for the CWΒ members on how to use the platform end to end with the goal to find an edge in trading. This short training will take you through:

– Finding excellent pairs for Pairs Trading

– Detecting an Edge with Machine Learning

– How to backtest any strategy quickly

– How to spot trader intentions before anyone else with exchange flow

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– An overview of traditional vanilla crypto arbitrage

You should only take this course if you are a Crypto Wizards member as this is the software which we will be using throughout the course. Non-members will benefit from the insider knowledge they learn, but won’t be able to make any use of that knowledge. So this is discouraged.

We will start by walking through the initial crash course in the first section for those who want to skip all the talking and just use the tool. Then, we will go through in a separate section and in more detail about each application with the goal to detect a trading edge in each one.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid idea on statistical arbitrage in pairs trading, how to get and wrangle any financial data you want, how to backtest and perform machine learning on that data and even how to make predictions about the future objectively.

You will also know how to spot odd crypto movements on exchanges way before anyone else does.



Welcome and Crash Course Overview

Introduction – Dashboard Overview
Developer and Instructor Introduction
ArbScan – Brief Overview
ZScore – Brief Overview
XTrader – Brief Overview
XFlow – Brief Overview

ZScore Pairs Trading

Useful Resource as Explanation of ZScore
ZScore Introduction
Understanding ZScore Tool Metrics
Simulating Pairs Trades

XTrader Edge Detection

Data Manager – Introduction
Data Manager – Joining Data
Backtest Manager – Testing out Strategy Profitability
Bookies Odds Data
Data Manager – Uploading Data
Machine Learning – Data Preparation
Prediction Manager – How to Make Predictions
Prediction Manager – View Result

XFlow – Exchange Flow Analysis

How to Consider Exchange Flow Balance

ArbScan Vanilla Arbitrage

OpenTrace – Live Trade
OpenTrace – Intro
Ethereum Gas Calculator
Caution: Gas Fees
What’s Next

Setting Alerts

Setting Up Your Telegram Credentials
ZScore Alert Setup
XFlow Alerts Setup

Next Steps and Training

Automating Trading Strategies – Free Training
About Training no Fundamental Trading Principles
Closing Remarks