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Guide to Provide Professional Consultation for Machine Learning Projects

What you will learn

Business or IT consultants looking to integrate machine learning into their problem-solving toolkit.

Professionals aspiring to transition into a data science or analytics consulting role.

Individuals with basic programming knowledge interested in applying Python in business analytics and machine learning.

Data analysts or junior data scientists aiming to enhance their consulting skills in client-facing roles.


This course is meticulously crafted to equip consulting professionals with a robust set of competencies in Python and Machine Learning, aiming to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. It delves into the practical utilization of machine learning methodologies to dissect and address complex business challenges, ensuring consultants are not just consumers of analytics, but architects of innovative solutions. Beginning with a thorough grounding in Python programming, participants will master the language’s syntax, libraries, and data structures, establishing a solid foundation for the more advanced topics to follow.  As the course unfolds, it introduces the rich landscape of machine learning, from supervised and unsupervised learning to the latest in deep learning technologies. Participants will engage with hands-on projects that simulate actual consulting scenarios, applying algorithms to unearth insights, predict trends, and craft strategies that align with business objectives. The curriculum is infused with case studies and examples that resonate with the consultant’s role, emphasizing the translation of technical results into actionable business strategies.  By the end of this journey, learners will not only understand the mechanics of machine learning algorithms but also how to harness the power of Python to transform data into a compelling narrative for stakeholders. They will emerge as invaluable assets to their firms, capable of leveraging analytics for competitive advantage. This course doesn’t just prepare consultants to meet the industry’s demands; it empowers them to become thought leaders who can navigate the complexities of a data-driven marketplace with confidence and foresight.  This comprehensive program ensures that by its conclusion, participants will have a portfolio of projects to demonstrate their expertise and a deep understanding of how machine learning can be a catalyst for innovative problem-solving in the consulting domain. Join us to embark on a transformative learning experience that will elevate your consultancy practice to new heights.

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Introduction to Python for Data Science

Setting up the Python Environment
Python Basics – variables, data types, operations and functions
Python Language Reference
Python Data Science Library Pandas
Python Data Science Library Numpy

Guideline When Building Machine Learning

Guideline When Building Machine Learning
Understanding the Architectural Layers of Data Engineer
Data Preparation as an Example

Sentiment Data Analysis and Visualization Technique

A look at Bitcoin Sentiment Data
Bitcoin Sentiment Visualization Technique using Matplotlib
Visualization Technique with Seaborn

Machine Learning Data Analytics by Example

Inventory Forecasting – Probability Analysis
Linear Regression Data Analysis
Clustering Data Analytics

Machine Learning with pySpark and Apache Spark in Databricks

What is Databricks and setup Cloud Account
Load Data into Cluster
Linear Regression with pySpark and Apache Spark
Where to go From Here