Math Fundamentals and Basics, Finding Last Digit. Unit Place Digit

What you will learn

The student will learn to find our Unit digit of any exponentioal in the matter of seconds.

How we can find out whether a number is divisible by 4 or not

Saving time in class exams, competitive exams and olympiads

Making categories of digits in order to make the calculations easier.


Finding a Unit Place Digit is a very frequently asked question in schools, competitive exams, and also in olympiads. There are total 10 digits i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. All these 10 digits have a different method to reach the Unipt place value. In this course, I have made an earnest attempt to make the things as simple as possible. I have divided all the 10 digits into four different categories. While doing this, I have clubbed together those digits which have a common method to reach the solution. I have tried my best to explain the theory part in a way that concepts becomes simple to understand to the students.

In fact, out of ten digits, four digits i.e. 0, 1, 5, and 6 need absolutely no calculation to arrive at the requisite answer. This category is the simplest one to handle and easiest to understand. The second category containing digits 4 and 9, also, doesn’t require much calculation. The only digits that require a little more calculation are 3, 7, 2, and 8. Consequently, questions are framed only out of these four digits which are generally asked in various exams. Keeping this fact in view, I have thrown maximum focus on this category of the course. Due attention has been given to problem-solving so that the students get a clear picture of the entire concept.






Theory Behind the Scene

Calculating Last Digit in Multiplication

Calculatiing Last Digits in Exponentials

Making 4 Categories to make the things easier.

Dealing with Digits 0, 1, 5 and 6

Unit Place Vallue in case the digits is 0 or 1 or 5 or 6

Dealing with Digits 4 and 9.

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Unit Place Value in case of Digits 4 and 9.

Solving Problems related to digits 4 and 9

Dealing With Digits 3 and 7

Divisibility Rule of 4 – A Pre-requisite

Unit Place Value in case of Digit 3

Solving Problems related to digit 3

Unit Place Value in case of Digit 7

Solving Problems related to digit 7

Dealing With Digits 2 and 8

Unit Place Value in case of Digit 2 and 8

Solving Problems related to digit 2

Solving Problems related to digit 8

Summary – A Revision in Nutshell

Let’s Revise