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Basics of Cloud Computing

Cloud service models

Cloud delivery models

Jobs in Cloud Computing


The course focuses on explaining the fundamentals of cloud computing. It enhances the importance of cloud and computing in the new era of this century. The course further provides details about various cloud service delivery models, cloud deployment models and essential cloud characteristics. It also educates the learner about the advantages, disadvantages and industrial applications of cloud . At the end the course provides information about the leading cloud service providers in the market and various job opportunities in the domain.

The main aim of the course is to educate the beginners and the students about the fundamentals of cloud computing. Cloud has became the new buzzword in the IT industry and essential knowledge about the domain is worth all of it. Almost all the businesses whether it be small startups to large tech and non tech giants have migrated towards cloud and many are still doing the same. In such a scenario knowledge about the cloud technologies will be beneficial for the learners as well as the professionals to uplift their professional growth.

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The course will serve as a base for the learners. Students and professionals will get a fair idea about the working of cloud and its essential components. Also the students can further take up various certification exams in the cloud computing offered by various top cloud service providers like AWS , Google and Microsoft Azure to became job ready !



Course Content
Cloud and Cloud Computing
What is Cloud?
What is Cloud Computing?
Merits and Demerits Of Cloud Computing
Advantages Of Cloud Computing
Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Applications And Characteristics
Applications Of Cloud Computing
Characteristics Of Cloud Computing
Different Models in Cloud Computing
Service Models
Comparison Of Models
Cloud Deployment Models
Service Providers and Job opportunities
Cloud Service Providers
Job Opportunities and Roles