An advanced grammar course for both learners and teachers, including lessons, assignments and downloadable handouts

What you will learn

Advanced grammar


Constructing sentences

Understanding formality in grammar


I have designed this course for both learners and teachers. The first section of the course introduces a pandemic story that sets the scene for the grammar lessons, and the second section covers 15 grammar points, from tenses and aspects, to different types of inversion. Each lesson starts with a simple sentence structure and thereafter focuses on how this structure can easily be transformed to an advanced one. The process of going from simple to advanced is the key component of all the lessons. After each lesson, there is a 10-12 minute assignment that needs to be completed in order to maximize the learning experience. I must, however, add that the course is mostly intended for those whose English proficiency is above a B1 level. At the same time, even beginners can find some of the content useful for the improvement of their productive skills (speaking and writing).

Strictly for teachers, I have attached downloadable handouts (as resources in the lessons) that can be given to their learners once they introduce the grammar points . The handouts cover controlled, semi-controlled as well as freer practices that help solidify the form, use and understanding of the grammar points made in the course. Teachers can pick and choose the lessons they want to introduce to their learners, or simply cover all the daily lessons in subsequent order.

Once the lessons and assignments have all been completed, it is best that the learners go through the PowerPoint presentations included as attachments in the last lesson so that what they have learned becomes more meaningful to them. These presentations can also be used for immediate recall of the grammar points at any given time after the completion of the course. As each lesson is a part of the pandemic story, remembering the story as a whole will be of great help when the learners want to use the points in their speaking and writing skills.

And yes, the course is FREE to all, mainly because I want everyone to be familiar with my new style of teaching grammar that is based on the most recent learning approach to teaching advanced grammar. The only thing that I ask is for you to leave a positive review so that others can be encouraged to take the course and reap the benefits as well.




Before you start

The pandemic story

Daily lessons

The past perfect continuous

Non-finite clauses

Relative pronouns as objects of prepositions

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Inversion with not only… but also…

Inversion with so… that…

Double comparatives

Inversion with limiting adverbs

Past participle clauses

Relative clauses with quantifiers

Changing conditionals

Past modals of possibility

Inversion with only after…

The future perfect simple

Post modification of proper nouns

The future perfect continuous

Putting it all together