Learn Bollywood Freestyle Dancing

What you will learn

Combination of lyrical dancing , isolation moves and Bollywood dancing all jam packed in one song

How simple movements can create poetic dance story

Release pain of heartbreak by feeling the pain in the lyrics, moving your body to the same and letting go

How miraculously dancing can bring you joy and heal your body and soul


Learn this beautiful poetic choreography on Baatein ye Kabhi na Bollywood song by Japneet Kaur for free on udemy.

The dance style is freestyle which prioritizes emotion and is inspired from a combination of movements form the Bollywood, Indian classical and Lyrical dance forms.

This is a beautiful Indian Bollywood song portraying love between two souls who cannot be together. If you just got your heart broken, or if for some reason you cannot be with the love of your life, attempting this choreography, will help you release some pain through these poetic movements. Love being the highest vibration of creation; is everywhere. Love can be expressed through body movements too. Express your pain through these movements, feel it and let go.

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The choreography is divided into 4 sections. Every choreography lecture will be accompanied by separate lecture of practicing with music.

This beautiful choreography can be attempted by students across all levels, for each movement is explained in extreme detail for beginners to grasp it with ease.

Though you are free to learn at your own pace, it’s recommended to learn every 2 lessons in one day and keep practicing that till you feel you are ready to move ahead. Similarly, start with section 2 and the next lesson of practicing it with music.




Introduction and Section 1
Practice Section 1 with Music

Section 2

Section 2 – Choreography and Lyrics
Practice Section 1 & 2 with music

Section 3

Section 3 – Choreography and Lyrics
Practice Section 1, 2 & 3 with music

Section 4

Section 4 – Choreography and Lyrics
Practice whole dance cover with music


Revise all 4 sections (only lyrics)