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Step-By-Step tutorial to Success Freelancing with Photos & Videos

What you will learn

The skills to start a full-time freelance career in content creation.

How to use Premiere Pro to create video content

How to create the type of content clients look for

How to find clients to do creative work for


You’ve had a camera for years but struggle to call yourself a professional. When someone asks you about it, you say it’s just a hobby… or maybe you’ve tried to offer your services but no one seems to be hiring you.

You’ve put in the time and you know you can do the job. But why don’t clients understand that? 

From a practical stand point there may be two simple reasons why you don’t serve as many clients as you’d like to today. You either don’t know what to do to bring in and secure more clients or you know what to do but you’re doing it wrong. The Content-Creator Masterclass program is designed to help you solve these problems. This course provides step-by-step instruction to media creation for clients as well as how to brand yourself so clients want to hire you.

If you are serious about success as a content creational professional, you must have a strong fundamentals on which to build your services on. The Content-Creator Masterclass is built on a practical system that teaches you the skills and fundamentals to create so much benefit to clients that your value is clear.

In this course we’ll learn about how to become an expert at your freelance services so that when a prospective client comes across your work, they’ll know exactly what to hire you for and why. These lessons contain experience that I’ve had from over half a decade of freelancing in content creation, and will provide you with all the techniques for you to start offering your own suite of creative services.

The Freelance Content Creator-Master Class System will help you:

■ Gain mastery at delivering work that clients want to book you for.

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■ Understand why clients buy what you are selling.

■ Produce work that does not make you look like an amateur or hobbyist.

■ Have the skills necessary to offer services to commercial clients.

■ Teach you the necessary best practices of the professional media world.

We’ll begin crafting your skills in Module One, I’ll guide you step by step through the process of building your fundamentals so that you have a platform on which to brand yourself as an expert.

If you’re looking to find success as a media professional, this is the course has all you need to become a full time freelance content creator! Enroll today.



Freelancing Fundamentals

Ramen Bowl Theory
What are you shooting?
Delivering Value
Creating Value
Mindset behind your Work
3 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

Finding Clients to work with on Instagram

What is a Good Portfolio?
Building your Portfolio
Finding the Right Clients
Email Template: Getting Your Feet in the Door (Collaborations)

How to Shoot Photos like a Professional

Photographic Triangle
What really is a “professional”?
Aperture Priority
Lens Recommendations
Framing Your Photos
Photo Analysis: Why I shot these

Simple Method to get Professional Product Photography

Product Photography Lesson

Creating Graphics from Photoshoots

On the Field: Hawaii
Finding Crops
Hands On: Example Graphic 1
Hands On: Example Graphic 2
Hands On: Example Graphic 3

Creating Graphics for Clients

Basic Tools
Setting the Mood
Hands On: Creating the 1st Style Graphic
Hands On: Creating the 2nd Style Graphic
Hands On: Creating the 3rd Style Graphic
Case Study: How Minimal Styled Ads Perform

Instagram Video Essentials

Sizing IG Videos / Resolutions
Vertical Videos
Square Videos
16 x 9 Videos

Creating Trendy Viral Style Videos

What you’ll Need
In the Field: Shooting on the Beach in Hawaii
The Pieces of this Style Video

Creating Minimal + Simple Video Ad for Clients

On the Field: Shoot with Me
Editing the Ad


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