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How to make perfect macarons?

What you will learn

How to combine different flavors and textures.

How to prepare macaron shells.

Tips and tricks for macarons preparing.

How to decorate macarons.

How to prepare chocolate fillings.

How to prepare fruit fillings.

How to prepare Italian meringue.


Who is Gorazd Potočnik?

The professional pâtissier spent the early years of his career abroad. At the time, Slovenia did not have much to offer in terms of opportunities for education and growth in the field of pâtisserie. So he started studying foreign literature and gradually joined the ranks of world-renowned pâtissiers. He acquired a lot of knowledge, as he created more and more incredible and unusual desserts that would soon shape the very top of the pâtisserie world. Apart from being skillful with the whisk and great at making desserts, he is now also actively involved in educating people on the topics of desserts and pâtisserie. One could say he is nothing short of a pâtisserie trailblazer.

What is the purpose of the online course on macarons?

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Macarons are considered to be every pâtissier’s worst nightmare. It is a dessert that we prepare with respect, bite into with anticipation and, when it is done right, we applaud the chef with utmost satisfaction. In the online course, a professional pâtissier will share with you all the tips and tricks on preparing macarons. Throughout the online course they will point to the steps that you need to pay particularly close attention to. That way your macarons will be a success story rather than a problem. The course will stay in your digital drawer for you to watch or use any time you want. Check out the online course content Gorazd has prepared for you.

“My guiding principle is to be as free in the kitchen as I am in my thoughts, words and actions – as the saying goes.”

Gorazd Potočnik, professional pâtissier




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