Understand crypto, create your portfolio and make your first transactions

What you will learn

Discover the world of crypto

Create your crypto portfolio

Financial freedom

Learn to use crypto-related tools


1h20 of simple and detailed information to:

– understand crypto

– create an account and a portfolio

– do my first transactions

4 complete modules:

1. Why crypto?ย Why now?

2. Create my account on a centralized exchange – Binance

3. Start with Metamask

4. Researchย  projects with Coinmarketcap

Who are Fabrice et Alex ?

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Fabrice et Alex have together 12 years of expรฉrience in crypto. Entrepreneurs and digital nomads, they have left France more than 10 years ago and have discovered different tools to develop themselves personally while staying in the business world.

They’ve been living in Bali, Indonesia, since many years, where they are creating a community of conscious people who support values such as conscious entrepreneurship, health and harmony with Nature.

They have spent thousands dollars and have made mistakes which costed them hundreds of thousands dollars.

In this free course, they give their time to help people start in their crypto journey.

Why is this course free ?

Crypto has changed our lives and the ones of our friends.

We wanted to give back and create a community of conscious people with heart-centered projects. And we want to be part of your success story regardless of your financial resources.

I already have a crypto account…

This course is divided in different sections to make things easy. If you already have strong fundamentals in crypto, you can easily go to the next step. We have also more advanced levels, but we prefer that everyone begins with the level 1 to have strong foundations.




Additional Documents

1. Why crypto ? Why now ?

1. 1. The risk with money in the bank
1. 2. Is crypto a bubble?
1. 3. The importance of crypto in the new economy

2. Create my account on a centralized exchange – Binance

2. 1. Centralized vs decentralized exchanges: pros and cons
2. 2. Opening my account with Binance

3. Start with Metamask

3. 1. Create your Metamask account and use Uniswap
3. 2. How to fund my Metamask wallet

4. Research projects with Coinmarketcap

4. 1. Discover and use Coinmarketcap

Next Step

Bonus Lecture