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A Short, Interactive Mathematics Course for Everyone

What you will learn

Understand and utilize whole, fractional, and negative numbers in mathematics.

Achieve expertise in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Apply math concepts to solve practical, real-world problems effectively.

Develop critical thinking through complex calculations using PEMDAS/BODMAS.

Gain proficiency in using calculators for simplifying diverse mathematical operations.

Identify patterns in numbers and understand face and place values for advanced math.

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Master the Basics of Math and Elevate Your Skills in Basic Arithmetic Operation Today!

Starting with the basics, you’ll delve deep into numbers and number systems, exploring whole numbers, fractional numbers, and the intriguing world of negative numbers.

In our course, you’ll master fundamental arithmetic operations and develop a solid understanding of number comparisons, rounding, and estimating. This foundation is crucial for anyone looking to strengthen their mathematical acumen.

This Foundational Mathematics Course will take your skills to the next level. Here, you’ll explore addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the power of exponents.

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Discover the secrets of order of operations with PEMDAS/BODMAS, unravel the mysteries of face value and place value, and recognize patterns in numbers.

This Functional Math Course isn’t just about learning arithmetic; it’s about gaining confidence and proficiency in mathematics. It’s designed to transform math from a challenge into an intriguing, manageable skill.

Transform Your Understanding of Math! Enroll now and gain lifelong access to mathematical mastery.

This course comes with the following Sections:

  1. Foundations of Numbers: Delve into the basics of numbers and number systems, including whole numbers, fractions, and negatives, emphasizing practical arithmetic applications.
  2. Arithmetic Operations: Master addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more, with a focus on real-world applications, order of operations, and calculator skills.


Foundations of Numbers

Number Systems
Positive Numbers
Horizontal Number Line
Comparison of Whole Numbers
Fractional Numbers
To Add Fractions
To Multiply Fractions
Converting Fractions to Percentages
Estimating Answers to Calculations
Arithmetic Operations with Negative Numbers

Arithmetic Operations

Addition and Subtraction
Basic Arithmetics: Definition
Multiplication and Division
Exponents and Powers
Powers of Ten
Doing Exponents with Calculators
Order of Operations
Maths in the Real World
The Maths Cycle
Basic Calculator Functions