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Unlock your Leadership Potential to become an Effective and Inspirational Leader by Mastering Foundational Elements

What you will learn

The Fundamentals Characteristics of the Trusted Leader & The Fundamentals of Building Trust in your Team

The Emotional Experience Timeline and what typically happens in conversations

A roadmap to build Trust and Psychological Safety in your Team

Communication – Trust and mistrust in conversations, the General Principles of Communication & the Conversational Intelligence Matrix

The Benefits of a Cohesive Group and Ways to Implement your new learnings.


Welcome to ‘ Leadership – Mastering Trust with your Team – Practical Leadership Skills.

Are you someone who feels stuck and wants to make a change in your current job or maybe in your career? Do you want to develop your Leadership Skills? In this comprehensive course, led by seasoned leadership experts Gordon MacArdle and Nancy Mouton, you embark on a journey with us to master the art of effective leadership with a core focus on building trust – the cornerstone of all successful leaders.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Mid-level managers looking to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Professionals stepping into leadership roles.
  • Individuals seeking practical, impactful leadership training.
  • People who have no experience of Leadership or Management and want to learn the fundamental elements.

What you will Learn:

  • Foundational Leadership Skills: Understand the essence of leadership and its impact.
  • Building Trust: Learn how to establish and maintain trust as a leader.
  • Practical Application: Engage in exercises designed for immediate application in your leadership journey.
  • Effective Problem Solving: Gain insights from expert leaders on tackling real-world leadership challenges.

What We Will Discover Together:

Joint Exploration of Foundational Leadership Skills: Together, we’ll dive into the essence of leadership, understanding its impact not just as individuals, but as a united group of learners and facilitators. This part of our journey is about co-creating knowledge, where every contribution shapes our collective understanding.

Co-Creating Trust: As we learn about establishing and maintaining trust as leaders, we’ll also practice it within our learning community. This segment is an interactive exploration of trust, where your insights and experiences are as valuable as the lessons we provide.

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Shared Practical Application: In this course, exercises aren’t just tasks, but opportunities for us to engage, learn, and grow together.

Collaborative Problem Solving: Tackling leadership challenges isn’t a solitary task. In this section, we’ll discuss and discover solutions to real-world problems. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the most effective learning occurs through shared experiences and diverse perspectives.

Course Structure:

  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Modules: 7 interactive and engaging modules.
  • Exercises: We give you practical exercises for immediate application.

Meet Your Instructors:

  • Gordon MacArdle: 24 years of expert leadership experience, a published author on leadership dynamics, and a noted trainer and consultant.
  • Nancy Mouton: Over 20 years of experience in training leaders in production and quality, known for her effective coaching and problem-solving skills.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Immediate Application: Tools and exercises for instant application in your leadership role.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from instructors with over 40 years of combined leadership training experience.
  • Build a Strong Foundation: Focus on building trust, the key to successful leadership.
  • Constant Guidance: We show you step by step how to implement your new skills.

Enrol Now! Join us now in this leadership training and start your journey to becoming an impactful leader. Your team, and your future self, will thank you.




Introduction: Objectives – Topics – Why Trust is Important – Lack of Trust
Lecture 2: The Fundamentals of Leadership
The Team
Extra Content – The Neuroscience of Conversations