Eat, Heal, Exercise

What you will learn

to start identifying wild edible plants

to start identifying wild medicinal plants

learn the basics of foraging

to inspire foraging


This is course is for the absolute beginner. You are someone who is looking for a little knowledge and inspiration to get started foraging your local area. I am not an expert forager, more of an enthusiast. I would have loved a mini course like this to get started with so I decided to put something together, for free, for all of you.

This course is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. These plants are grown here, but also all over the world.

We will cover 8 different edible and medicinal plants common to the West Coast of Canada, where I live, in Vancouver. These plants are common in many places, from Dandelion, Chickweed, Yarrow, Maple Blossoms, White Clovers and Daisys to Plantain.

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I offer a little booklet as well giving you the Common name, the Botanical name, their lookalikes to look out for, uses for the plant and different parts, edible and medicinal, as well as ideas for preparations from poultices, salves, salads and beyond.

This course intends to inspire you to get outside, breath fresh air, get exercise, eat wild food, and make your own medicine.

Also included a is video giving you the basics of foraging including ethics, where to and where to not forage, looking out for toxic or unhealthy plants, and beyond.




Facts, Tips and Tricks
Foraging Supplies
Book Recommendations

Edible and Medicinal Herbs

White Clover
Purple Dead Nettle
Maple Blossoms
Happy Foraging!

Optional Additional Information

Infused Oil and Salve Making