Experimenting with Paint
Painting with play, let go of judgment

What you will learn

Experimenting with paint to create abstract art and increase creative confidence

How to use a range of art making materials and techniques

Developing greater access to your creative intuition

Learning how to think differently about what art-making is


Art making can be a very judgmental process. This class focuses on creating without expectation. Of having no idea what your series of A5 mini paintings will look like from one day to the next.

Here, we work to set aside expectations and judgments, focusing on experimenting with paint, techniques, styles and materials.

As creators we want to jump into creating before we truly understand how to create. We are then easily discouraged when our work doesn’t turn out as we hoped.

Instead we listen to our intuition as we play with paint. Making abstract art allows us to be present to our instincts and let go of needing a plan. You will learn several basic techniques, which you can combine and reorder in anyway your instinct and intuition suggests. We let go of being attached to the outcome and simply enjoy playing with process on multiple surfaces at once. This is a great practice for learning to trust yourself, your art practice and increase your creative confidence.

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You will learn about:

  • Materials: gloss, gels, pastes, ink and more
  • Techniques: dragging, scraping, glazing, and more

By learning the fundamentals of painting, using different techniques and styles, you will form a solid basis for creating. Add in a mindset for creating without expectation, and you will find yourself enjoying the freedom of using paint to express yourself. With regular practice, you will soon be unleashing your inner artist and creating works of art using your personal visual language.

This course is great for painters and hobbyists alike. You can use it as an opportunity to explore a different approach to your existing art-making practice, or if you are new to painting, as a way to expand your understanding and expectation of what art-making is.

It is also an excellent approach to practicing mindfulness in art-making and using the course as a practice for letting go of judgments and negative thoughts about your art, and allowing yourself to be present and flow with the art-making process.



Getting Started

Setting Your Intention
Preparing Your Surface

Applying & Removing Paint

Tools & Techniques for Applying Paint
Tools & Techniques for Removing paint

Adding Glazes & Washes

Introduction to Glazes & Washes
Demonstrating Glazes & Washes

Creating Layers

Introduction to Layering
Demonstrating Layering

Adding Texture

Introduction to Creating Texture
Demonstrating Adding Texture

Review Your Creations

Review your creations

Revealing Your Paintings

The Big Reveal
Congratulations & Keep Playing