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Harness the Web: Extend Excel VBA with APIs, Web Services, and Scraping Techniques

What you will learn

Interface Excel VBA with the web to access APIs, and perform web scraping.

Understand and implement web technologies within your VBA projects.

Work confidently with XML, JSON, and other web data formats.

Dynamically integrate live web data into Excel, enhancing your applications.


Dive into the digital era with “Excel VBA Internet Mastery: APIs & Web Scraping” a groundbreaking course designed to bridge the gap between traditional VBA programming and the vast capabilities of the internet. As the fourth installment in our comprehensive program, this course is tailor-made for those eager to leverage Excel VBA to access web services, parse data from the internet, and automate web-scrapping with unparalleled efficiency.

Why This Course?

  • Digital Age Skills: Embrace the power of the internet in your VBA projects, learning to interact with web APIs, and scrape web content directly into Excel, setting you apart in the modern workforce.
  • Advanced Data Handling: Move beyond local data processing to manipulate and utilize web-based data, including XML and JSON, enhancing the scope and utility of your Excel VBA applications.
  • Project Innovation: Discover how to infuse your projects with live data from the web, opening a world of possibilities for dynamic analysis and decision-making tools.

What You’ll Discover:

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  • Internet Fundamentals for VBA Programmers: Gain a solid understanding of how to harness the internet within your VBA projects, including working with various data formats and protocols.
  • API Consumption and Web-Scraping Techniques: Learn to seamlessly integrate external data sources into your applications, enriching your projects with real-time data from the web.
  • Practical Applications: Through hands-on sessions and a real-world assignment, master the art of bringing external data into Excel, from currency exchange rates to market trends.

Course Highlights:

  • 2.5 Hours of Expert Instruction: Explore 6 detailed sessions that blend theoretical insights with actionable skills, all focused on web-based data interaction.
  • Tailored Learning Experience: Progress through a carefully designed curriculum that builds your knowledge step-by-step, ensuring you’re never overwhelmed.
  • Direct Application to Professional Challenges: The course culminates in a practical assignment that simulates a real-world scenario, reinforcing your learning and preparing you for professional application.
  • Exclusive Insights and Solutions: Benefit from comprehensive support material, including detailed explanations of assignment solutions, to deepen your understanding and refine your skills.

Embark on this course to unlock the potential of the internet in your VBA projects, transforming the way you approach data analysis and automation. Prepare to step into a world where Excel VBA meets web technology, opening new avenues for innovation and efficiency in your career.



Accessing the Internet

Internet Fundamentals
Using a Published API
Fetching a Web Page Source for Web Scrapping
Assignment: Internet
Assignment Solution: Internet
Accessing the Internet
Course Summary