Master the Parts of Speech

What you will learn

Easy-to-follow rules for the parts of speech

Simple ways to improve your understanding of English grammar

Hacks that will lead to your improvement as a writer

Why take this course?

In just 30 minutes, learn the parts of speech and improve your writing skills. Plus, get more than 20 resources that you can keep for future reference.

What You Get

  • An easy-to-follow checklist to guide you through every lesson
  • A cheat sheet for every section
  • A list of all the hacks to use on your writing journey
  • Links to more than 20 external resources, including videos and further articles
  • Learning activities to reinforce your understanding


“Great learning experience. Liked the pictorial teaching with little quiz in between. Nice learning material.” – Dawa

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“Great basic overview of English grammar. Simple explanations provided in quick and easy bites.” – Richard

“This course succinctly summarized important grammar concepts in a non-patronizing way for adults, children, and English language learners.” -Terry

“It was a fun way to learn the rules of English language. Each lesson is short and easy. I also like the way Rob uses the white board with drawings to explain each lesson. He even gives us cheat sheets to print out, so we can study the lessons after we are done with the class. I highly recommend this class for people who are learning English!” – Emily

Why This Course?

Without mastering the parts of speech, you will not be able to write effectively. By the end of Everyday Grammar Hacks, you’ll be on the path to becoming a better writer, communicator, and citizen.