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to help you practise speaking, listening,reading and writing

What you will learn

The course is for students at the elementary and lower-intermediate levels. Its primary aim is toteach you to speak to and understand guests at the hotel resort

There are 15 units in this course each based on a different work situation, including

Reception work ● Restaurant and bar work ● Answering the phone and taking messages ● Writing short e-mails and letters ● Dealing with guests’ problems ●

Explaining how things work

Giving directions inside and outside the hotel

Suggesting places to visit in the region


Each unit has two main parts. Part A introduces the topic and Part B develops it. In each part there are five sections to help you practise speaking, listening,reading and writing, as follows:


– this sets the scene and introduces atopic such as speaking on the phone, or suggesting places to visit in the region, etc.

Listening and pronunciation

– this teaches you to understand guests (and hotel employees) as they make reservations, or explain a problem in the hotel, etc.

Language focus and practice

– this practises the main language points of the unit, and is directly linked to the presentation and listening exercises.

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Personal job file

– here you personalise your work by applying what you have learnt in each lesson to your own specific situation at work. There are tips and exercises to help you remember what you have learnt, and you write down and translate the language items from the lesson that you need in your work in the hotel.

Speaking practice

– here you bring all the work from the lesson together and you speak in pairs or small groups. You use the language you heard in the


section and do different exercises to practise what you have learnt.Above all, have some fun while you are learning English. Good luck!




Introductions Names Jobs
Hotel jobs part 2 names
Listening: Jobs names and introductions hotel personnel
Listening practice Letter and spelling names at work
Exercise question and answers introductions at the hotel personnel what’s herhis
Practice questions w answers What’s his Her JOB / NAME