Power Plant Engineering

What you will learn

To study the power generation scenario, the components of thermal power plant, improved Rankin cycle, Cogeneration cycle

To understand details of steam condensing plant, analysis of condenser, the an environmental impacts of thermal power plant, method to reduce various pollution

To study layout, component details of hydroelectric power plant, hydrology and elements , types of nuclear power plant

To understand components; layout of diesel power plant , components; different cycles ; methods to improve thermal efficiency of gas power plant

To study the working principle , construction of power generation from non-conventional sources of energy

To learn the different instrumentation in power plant and basics of economics of power generation.


The course named Energy Engineering is meant for Final Year Mechanical Engineering students and also Useful For third year Mechanical students having the course title Power Plant Engineering. The course consists of Six units for theory and about 12 assignments for practical work. The course  contains six units namely

Unit-I    Introduction  Power Scenario and Power Economics

Unit-II   Condenser and Environmental impacts of Thermal Power Plant

Unit-III  Hydro electric and Nuclear Power Plant

Unit-IV   Diesel and Gas turbine Power Plants

Unit-V    Non Conventional Power Plants

Unit- VI  Instrumentation and Economics of Power Plant

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Each course is divided into number of video lectures as per convenience of learners  / to understand the contents  step by step. This is also to ensure the learners will not get bored or overstressed due to length of video classes.

The details of the unit contents are already mentioned in the Promo video and introduction chapter.

The course usually in the university is for about 100 marks theory paper and 50 marks for Practical work or may vary university to university.

The course is prepared with  the practical experience which will enable the learner to study at ease and will feel comfortable and gain confidence in the subject.

The course is most useful while facing the interviews at various industries /  Offices particularly power sector zones.

It will also helpful for the learner to get sufficient knowledge and strong foundation when he / she will be doing the job.




Introduction of the course Energy Engineering Promotional Video and file
Introduction to thermal power plant
Rankine Cycle_Part_I
1.8_Rankine Cycle_Part-II
1.8_Rankine Cycle Part-III