Emmet is plugin for text editors that helps you write HTML and CSS faster. Work quicker saving time & making more money.

What you will learn

You will be able to code HTML faster

You will be able to code CSS faster

You will be able to code XML faster

You will be faster coder at the end of this course, PERIOD!

Why take this course?

🌟 **Course Title:** EMMET Faster HTML & CSS Workflow – Best Tool For Developers**Course Instructor:** Edwin Diaz

🚀 **Course Headline:** Master the Art of Speed Coding with Emmet – Your Ultimate Plugin for HTML, CSS & XML!

Welcome to the digital fast-lane where efficiency meets precision. Are you ready to turbocharge your coding skills and watch your productivity soar? If you’re nodding along, saying “Yes!” to faster coding, time-saving solutions, and error-free code, then this **NEW COURSE AND UP TO DATE** as of April 2015 is tailor-made for you!

**Why Emmet?**
🎯 **Do you want to code HTML, CSS, and XML faster?**
🕒 **Do you want to save time when coding?**
🛠️ **Do you want to code more error-free?**
🎉 **Do you want to become a NINJA coder?**

If your answer was a resounding “YES” to most of these, then buckle up – this course is your golden ticket!

**Course Overview:**
In this hands-on course, I, Edwin Diaz, will guide you through the powerful world of Emmet. This incredible plugin for text editors is a game-changer for anyone involved in web development. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

✅ **Efficient Syntax:** Understand how Emmet’s abbreviations can drastically cut down your code writing time.

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✅ **Abstraction & Expansion:** Learn how to work with a high level of abstraction, making it easy to expand into full-fledged HTML and CSS.

✅ **Shortcuts Galore:** Discover a treasure trove of keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your workflow like never before.

✅ **Real World Application:** See how Emmet fits into your existing projects and enhances your current coding practices.

**Who Should Take This Course?**
This course is perfect for:
– Front-end Developers looking to increase their efficiency.
– Web Designers who want to streamline their HTML and CSS writing.
– Coders of any level who are eager to learn a powerful tool that will make their workflow super smooth and efficient.

**What’s in It for You?**
By the end of this course, you’ll be **faster coder** with Emmet at your fingertips – a skill set that will not only save you time but also make you more money. And the best part? Learning Emmet is incredibly easy if you already know CSS!

**Enroll Now and Unlock Your Coding Potential:**
Join me in this transformative learning experience. I promise that by the end of this course, you’ll have acquired a skill that will not only impress your peers but also become an indispensable part of your daily coding routine.

📆 **Mark your calendars for April 2015**, and let’s embark on this journey to becoming Emmet masters together!

🚀 **Take the leap – your coding career awaits a revolution with Emmet!**