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Discover a Goldmine of Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide
Unlock Infinite Sources of Inspiration for Your School, College, Business, and Personal Projects.

What you will learn

Learn how to get an idea for your next project

Master the search skill to get the ideas that are right for you

Learn where to look depending on your idea category

Get a money making idea.

Get a graduation project idea.

Get a business idea.

Get a DIY idea.

Get a website idea.


Your Quest for Ideas Ends Here!

In an era where innovation is paramount, staying ahead means constantly churning out fresh, impactful ideas. Whether you’re a student scouting for a groundbreaking research topic, an enthusiast seeking a new passion project, or a businessperson aiming to disrupt the market – this course is your compass.

What This Course Offers:

  • For Everyone: Tailored insights for students, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs.
  • The Idea Expedition: Navigate through realms brimming with creativity, ensuring you never hit a creative block again.
  • Guided Mentorship: Personal consultation with Ashraf ensures your ideas are not just good, but great!
  • 24/7 Support: Anytime, anywhere – we’re here to help.

Hear From Our Satisfied Students:

Stephen Hendricks: “This course was the catalyst I needed. Overcame my creative block in under 15 minutes!”

Dive Deeper:

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Discover methods to harness inspiration from the world around you. Learn the art of evaluating and refining your ideas, ensuring they stand out. With resources, activities, and expert guidance, this course is a treasure trove for every creative soul.

Enroll and Enjoy:

  • Engaging Video Content: Designed for optimal learning.
  • Hands-On Activities: Learn by doing.
  • Resource Library: Equip yourself with the best tools.
  • Lifetime Course Access: Never miss an update.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Collaborate, discuss, and grow with fellow learners.

Your Instructor – Ashraf Said AlMadhoun:

With over a decade in the realm of creativity and education, Ashraf, founder of the Educational Engineering Team, is your guide on this journey. Having empowered over 250,000 students globally, his expertise ensures you’re learning from one of the best.

Last Call:

Ideas are everywhere, but finding the right ones requires a special lens. Equip yourself with that lens. Enroll now and reshape your ideation process forever!



Introduction & What You Will Get

What you will learn in this course
Very Important Note: Review Process

Sources of Inspiration (The Treasure of Ideas )

First Source of Inspiration
Second Source of Inspiration
Third Source of Inspiration
Fourth Source of Inspiration
Fifth Source of Inspiration

End of Course + Bonuses


Bonus Lecture: Gifts and Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Bonus Lecture: Gifts and Things You Shouldn’t Miss