JSF, PrimeFaces, JQuery, JSF with Ajax, JSF with JQuery

What you will learn

Introduction to JSF and its features

MVC architecture of JSF

Create a sample JSF project

Introduction to Facelets, features and advantages of Facelets

Work with JSF Facelets and UI components of Facelets

Create a sample Database on MySQL

Perform dynamic drop-down list in JSF application

Work with managed bean and Bean scopes

Create the sample workbook in NetBeans IDE

Work with PrimeFaces and UI components of PrimeFaces

Create a JSF Application along with JQuery

Why take this course?

Java Server Faces (JSF) is a Java-based web application framework intended to simplify development integration of web-based user interfaces. It is a standardized display technology, which was formalized in a specification through the Java Community Process.

This course will teach you basic JSF concepts and will also take you through various advance concepts related to JSF framework

In this course you will learn what is JSF, features and benefits of JSF. You will know the differences between html and xhtml. Explore on MVC architecture of JSF, lifecycle and structure of JSF. You will understand about Facelets and standard libraries for facelets. Explore on Facelet Template, list the JSF Interface components.

Also you will understand the steps to create JDBC connection for JSF application, what are DriverManager class, its methods and Connection interface. You will know the steps to create the dynamic drop-down in JSF from database.

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After completing this course you will have a brief knowledge on Managed bean annotations, properties and methods of it and also about PrimeFaces and the UI components of PrimeFaces.

Our JSF course includes all topics of JSF such as features, example, validation, bean validation, managed bean, referencing managed bean method, facelets etc

Finally, you will work with JQuery and Ajax with JSF application.

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