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The smart course on how to design and communicate on iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil for Industrial Designers.

What you will learn

• What is Design sketching and different types of Design sketching.

• How to Draw on iPad with the Procreate App

• How to warmup and improve your sketch line quality.

•. How to Use Procreates Brushes, Layers and Selections for your Design.

• How to Adjust Composition, Export Design and Save Videos in Procreate to post Online.

• How to Create and Install Procreate Brushes.

• How to use Procreate Efficiently at a Professional Level.

• How to Make your iPad an Essential Design Tool in your design process.


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Turn your iPad into the most powerful design tool on earth with Procreate and Apple Pencil!

Design Sketching: Create Amazing Designs with Procreate

This is a learn anywhere video course, where you will be able to use all of Procreates features to ideate and sketch effectively on your iPad or iPad Pro. I’ve covered all the core knowledge and practical theory you need to know in order to utilize Procreate to a professional level to create super cool design sketches on your iPad. This course will get you up to speed on the tools and techniques in using Procreate, and contains vital information that you can use across a multitude of digital art apps.

Structured and Clear Lessons

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This course has been structured to be the clearest and smartest way to learn to draw and paint in Procreate. – everything is straight to the point so that you can get to what really matters – creating your Ideation sketches, perspectives, product pitch renders, time-lapse renderings, and more!

Ever Expanding and Free Resources!

Software is being constantly updated – and so is this course! As Procreate grows and advances, so will this course, and I’ll make sure that you have all the essential tools and resources you need to use your iPad for drawing and painting to the fullest! From new brushes for Procreate, to templates, shapes and more, I’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s get started, you’ve got design to make!



Introduction to Design Sketching

Introduction to the course
Different types of Design Sketching
Why Ipad is a favourite tool for designers
Sketchbook Pro or Procreate?

Lets Warmup!

Parallel lines
Growing Circles
Round and Round
Dot Connection
Infinite Spokes

Getting Familiarised with Procreate and iPad

Procreate Gallery and Manager
Creating a new Design sketch sheet and Canvas Settings
Procreate User Interface
Navigating your Design sketch: Rotation, Navigation and Zoom

Brushes and Colors

Setting up Procreate Gestures
Procreate Brushes Basics: Brush Tool, Eraser, Smudge
Brush Categories and Advanced Brush options
Importing Brushes into Procreate
Color picker in procreate style
Color Picking and Blending Paint in Procreate

Layering in Design sketching

Basic Understanding of Layers in Procreate
Layers Panel Overview: Creating, Grouping and Organizing
The Move Tool: Moving Elements on a Layer
Selecting and Grouping Multiple Layers
Locking Layer Transparency with Alpha Lock
Understanding Layer Masks
Learning about Reference Layers and ColorDrop Fills
Using the Touch Quick Menu
Cut, Copy and Paste Layer Contents: Quick Gesture
Importing Images and Artwork into your Canvas

Lets Sketch a water bottle!

Create a rough sketch
2 Using an existing product as Underlay
Explore more Concepts
Make thumbnail images
Clean up the sketch
Explanatory sketches

Setup Final render

Block colors
Add shadows
Add Reflections and Highlights
Add Stainless Steel Texture
How to add Labels to product
Adding bump textures in the bottle
Realistic and Dramatic render style
Bonus and Credits