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What you will learn

Meaning of cyber security

Importance of Cyber Security

Types of Cyber security Threats

Reasons for commission of cyber crimes

Consequences of a cyber attack

Benefits of cyber security

Dangerous cyber security myths etc.


In this course, we will discuss :

1. Meaning of Cyber Security

2. Some statistics related to Cyber Security

3. Importance of Cyber Security

4. Systems that can be affected by security breaches and attacks

5. Types of Cyber Security Threats/ Common cyber threats

6. Reasons for the commission of cybercrimes

7. Consequences of a cyber attack

8. Benefits of cybersecurity

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9. Cyber safety tips

10. Dangerous Cyber security myths

11. What To Do If Your Computer System Becomes โ€œInfectedโ€?

12. Conclusion

Cyber securityย is a broad-spectrum phrase. Cyber security means protecting internet-connected systems such as computers, servers, networks, smartphones, communication devices, and information stored therein from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

Technology is progressing like never before but it is shocking to see that cybercrime has also advanced at a shocking rate. The leaders of organizations are worried about the privacy of their data. Hackers who have sound technical knowledge manage to steal the most confidential data. Working remotely is becoming a rapidly increasing trend. As a result,ย hence the topic of cyber security is very important.

It is a true fact that cyber-crimes will continue and hackers are becoming smarter and smarter. So, organizations should adopt more proactive and adaptive approaches to Cyber Security.

The Internet is a very useful tool. It has become important for work, education, personal entertainment, and staying connected with family and friends. Use it responsibly and take care to protect yourself and your data, and you will continue to find it a valuable resource.



Cyber Security- Importance, Tips, Myths & Cyber threats

Cyber security- Meaning, Importance & Systems affected by security breaches
Types of cyber security threats & Reasons for commission of cyber crimes
Consequences of a cyber attack, Benefits of Cyber security and cyber safety tips
Dangerous cyber security myths, What to do computer becomes infected etc.