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Cyber Security Basics

What you will learn

Understand Cyber Security Basics

Gain confidence in managing Device security

Communicate effectively in IT enviroments

Work effectively on IT related projects


Welcome to the cyber security basics course, a brief introduction to Cyber security, why it is tagged as one of the most important subjects to businesses and Governments and why it is an attractive career choice should you be willing to consider it as a career. Please note this course doesn’t teach you to code and is only an introductory course. 

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For businesses, cyber security is imperative to routine business activities. In supply chain and operations for instance, cyberthreats have risen to the forefront of supply chain security concerns. Cyberthreats refer to vulnerabilities in IT and software systems, like malware attacks, piracy, unauthorized ERP access and unintentional or maliciously injected backdoors in the purchased, open source or proprietary software used by organizations. Supply chain security here primarily involves minimizing risks from using software developed by another organization, and securing organizational data accessed by another organization in your supply chain. Organizations cannot take for granted that the software that they use or purchase is secure. Because close collaboration is often required between businesses, suppliers and resellers, computer networks may become intertwined or sensitive data shared. This can result in a breach of one organization affecting many. Instead of attacking the target directly, a cybercriminal may attack a weaker organization in the target’s supply chain and use that access to meet their goals. Many are responding to recent supply chain attacks such as the SolarWinds attacks by, for example, reducing reliance on foreign suppliers and building primarily domestic supply chains. Some companies are moving production out of foreign factories to domestic ones as well. This course can give a basic protection to devices used to access servers which have been attacked and protect the device.

What you’ll learn – The basic theory and overview of Cyber security

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites – There are absolutely no software or tool needed apart from your usual connection to Udemy through your device

Who this course is for – Beginners, general public, business and IT professionals with an interest in Cyber security




Overview & Description
IOT & Growth in Connectivity
Types & nature of attacks
Audit Standards & Training