cybersecurity fundamentals, cybersecurity for beginners,- data protection, network security, incident response

What you will learn

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Understanding Cybersecurity: You will learn the basics of cybersecurity, including its definition, importance, and common cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals: We will explore the CIA Triad, different types of attackers, and an overview of essential cybersecurity tools.

Basic Security Principles: The course covers creating strong passwords, using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and the benefits of password managers.

Phishing Awareness: You will learn to identify phishing emails, understand phishing tactics, and acquire tips on how to prevent phishing attacks.

Social Engineering Attacks: The course explains what social engineering is, provides examples of such attacks, and discusses protection strategies.

Securing Your Devices: Instructions on updating software, installing antivirus software, configuring firewall settings, and securing mobile devices.

Safe Internet Practices: You will learn about safe web browsing, recognizing secure and dangerous websites, and email security practices.

Data Protection: The course covers the importance of data backup, using cloud and local backup solutions, and understanding data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Network Security: An introduction to network basics, Wi-Fi security, and the use of firewalls.

AI In Cybersecurity: We’ll explore the key applications of AI in the field of cybersecurity and the benefits and challenges it can bring to organizations.

Incident Response and Reporting: We will learn how to recognize cybersecurity incidents, signs of a breach, and the appropriate steps to take if compromised.

The course emphasizes the importance of security best practices in daily life, staying informed about cyber threats, and continual learning in cybersecurity.