Learn The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies while Setting up Wallets, Trading Coins & Sending and Receiving Bitcoin!

What you will learn

How to Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Cryptos

How to Create a Wallet

How to Trade Coins

How to Send Cryptos

Use Hardware Wallets

Set Up Hardware Wallets

Learn about Blockchain Technology

What is Bitcoin

What is Ethereum?

What is Cardano?

How to buy Cardano?


Do you want to learn all about Cryptocurrencies?

Perhaps you want to buy bitcoin, trade Ethereum? Or Sell some Dogecoin?

If you said yes, this is the perfect course to learn Cryptocurrencies!

In this course you will learn how to get started with cryptos. We will teach you all about the coinmarketcap, gain knowledge on Blockchain technology and Decentralization

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How does the course work?

Jump right in and begin watching videos on the top crypto coins. Then, learn our recommended wallets to use for storing your cryptoocurrencies. You’ll then learn how to buy, sell hold and trade coins by the end of the course.

Once you’ve learned all of these basics, you’ll put it all together and begin trading coins on the online exchanges. These Exchanges include Binance, Coinbase and OkEX.

Who is your course instructor?

This course is led by Mitchell Bouchard, founder of Red Cape Learning and has reached over 400,000 Students on Udemy.

Are you ready to start collecting digital Assets?

We’re so excited that you’re here reading this course description, and know that once you enroll you won’t regret it.

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Introduction – Let’s Begin!

Introduction – Part I

Wallets, Blockchain and Decentralization

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Top Coins

Common Terms

Assignment #1 – (Download Course Workbook!)

Setting Up Crypto Wallets

Introduction – Part II

What is a wallet? (Public vs Private, 4 Main Wallets)

Software Wallets (Desktop & Mobile Wallets – Download Exodus WALLET)

Software Wallets (Desktop & Mobile Wallets – How to BACKUP Exodus WALLET

Software Wallets (Desktop & Mobile Wallets – Exodus, Receiving Coins

Exchange Wallets (Binance, Coinbase, Okex)

Hardware Wallets (Trezor) Unboxing

Hardware Wallets (Trezor) Full Set Up

Hardware Wallets (Trezor) Pairing Trezor to EXODUS

Paper Wallet (Print)

ASSIGNMENT #2 – Set up your First Wallet!

Buying Crypto

Introduction – Part III

5 Tips for Saving Money

The Market – CoinMarketCap Website

Buying Crypto on Shakepay App

Trading / Staking Cryptos

Introduction – Part IV

Binance Market – Sending BTC to Wallet (How to Deposit)

Binance Market – Trading BTC to ADA

Binance Market – Sending ADA to ADA Wallet (How to Withdraw)

Staking ADA – Using the Model T – Yoroi Wallet

Intro – Part V

Conclusion END

Conclusion END (Thank You)