to power innovation and productivity

What you will learn

Effectively understand how to build a community to power innovation and productivity

Understand different styles of leadership and the situations they can be used

Develop an understanding of organisational culture and the impact it has on the leader

Gain knowledge on subject areas through practical case studies


We all know that the good things always come out of communities; what if you took the community element of culture and developed this into your startup or organisation. Throughout this course, I will be helping you to develop this environment in creative ways. As a leader, this will contribute to enhance productivity and innovation which is something that drives you forward and gain competitive advantage.






Introduction to Robert

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles

Activity – Leadership Styles and Situations

Activity: Informal Leaders


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Understanding Culture

Community Building

Community Building

Activity: Social Capital

Activity – Brainstorm

Activity – Co Learning

Enhancing Innovation and Productivity

Enhancing Innovation

Activity – Atlassian Case Study

Implementing your Creativity and Community


Activity – ABCDE

Activity – Implementing Change