Learn The Secrets to Building Tremendously Successful Forex Trading Robots For MT4/MT5 without Coding.

What you will learn

Turn Forex Trading Strategies into Trading Robots

Learn how to Create Winning Trading Robots for MT4 and MT5 without Coding

Learn About Different Types of Technical Indicators

Learn How to use Fxdreema

Learn More About Technical Analysis

Learn How to Automate Candlestick Patterns

Learn How to Automate Fibonacci Levels and other Chart Objects

Learn How to Properly Monetize the Skill of Strategy Automation


Do you know that the forex market in it’s self is made up of 90% algorithmic trading? The Forex market is the largest market in the world, and According to the Bank for International Settlements, over 5 trillion dollars is traded in the Forex market on a daily basis. Now think about it; 5 trillion dollars traded daily, and 90% of these trades have been generated by automated trading strategies or Trading robots. Can you see how huge the market for forex robots is?

The Automated trading industry is a very huge one but unfortunately, there are very few people who actually know how to create really good trading robots and also there are very few materials out there that actually teach you how to automate trading strategies.

The age of manual trading has passed! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against manual trading, in fact, it is very vital to learn and have your share of experiences with manual trading before actually going into algorithmic trading but the the fact is as a retail trader, the market wasn’t built for you to make money in fact all odds are against you and that’s why more than 90 percent of retail traders end up loosing their money in the market. 

Trading robots eliminate all the limitations of human traders and good robots will give you a statistical edge in the market, while taking based on strict instructions from you the trader.

Learning how to automate your strategies will save you a lot of psychological and mental stress, time and resources; in fact if you successfully learn this skill and put it into use, you are very sure of being consistently profitable in the forex market – it can be an absolute game changer for you because:

1. Automation can instantly help you determine which strategies are profitable and which ones are not.

2. Automated strategies or trading robots are codes and perform based on very explicit instructions and therefore will follow your strategy to the last command.

3. Trading robots can analyze hundreds of charts at ones, and will do it very accurately, based on your strategy.

4. Trading robots execute instructions without any emotions so if your strategy is good, you’re very sure of having a very profitable robot because it will act strictly based on your rules and nothing more.

5. With trading robots, you can trade the forex market for 24 hours everyday, and never miss out on a vital opportunity in the market again.

In this course, I’ll be sharing my secrets on how I automate any forex strategy, without having to learn coding and I mean even if you know absolutely nothing about coding or programing, you’ll be able to successfully turn your strategies into trading robots just by going through this course.

This Master course is made up of 33 step by step video trainings, project files, links, an assignment and over 4 hours of actionable video trainings without the fluff and we will be using a program called Fxdreema to build our automated strategies. Fxdreema is a very powerful tool that enables us create amazing trading robots and scripts even if we know little or nothing about coding.

What do I benefit by Enrolling?

1. By enrolling, you get access to the complete skills you’ll need in order to begin automating your favorite forex trading strategies and trade the forex market with your favorite strategies even while you sleep.

2. This course treats candlestick patterns(which are very difficult to achieve in code), unlike all similar courses I know within the same price range – in fact, I’ve only seen one course which treats candle stick patterns and It costs roughly $1500.

3. When you enroll, you get access to 24 hours support via our private chat group.

4. This course teaches you how to do multiple timeframe analysis in our automated strategies – a very vital aspect of trading which more than 90% of strategy automation courses out there tend to neglect this alone can help you achieve higher win rates in your strategies.

5. Project files and links to projects included, so you can practically follow along by observing the projects we complete in class. You can use some of these project files for you future personal projects.

6. 33 step by step videos jam packed with a lot of information you wouldn’t have had the time and resource to research on your own.

7.When you enroll, you’re entitled to a lifetime access to the course and also future updates so you get the latest hacks and secrets on strategy automation as I update the course.

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0 – Introduction

01 – Basics

01 – The Interface of Fxdreema

02 – Basic knowledge in Fxdreema

03 – Simple Building Structure in Fxdreema

04 – The Builder Interface

02 – Fxdreema Blocks Overview

05 – Fxdreema Blocks Overview

03 – Assignment

04 – Constants & Variables

06 – Data Types – Constants and Variables

07 – Modifying Variables and the Adjust Field

05 – Condition Blocks in Fxdreema

08 – Condition Blocks

06 – The Buy & Sell Blocks in Fxdreema

09 – Buy and Sell Blocks

07 – Indicators in Fxdreema

10 – Indicators

11 – Custom indicators

08 – Candlestick Patterns in Fxdreema

12 – Candlestick patterns – Engulfing Patterns

13 – Inside Bar Pattern