Introducing the Java Programming Language

What you will learn

Defining a Computer and a Computer Program

Characteristics of a Computer Program

Programming Platforms and associated Programming Langueages

What is a Programming Language and Types of Programming Languages

What is Computer Programming

IDE’s and Compilation

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Introducing the Java Programming Langauge

Programming in Java with the NetBeans IDE

Writing Computer Programs that can interact with the user


Computer Programming has long been a daunting and intimidating topic for most beginners, high school students or fresh college students. This course will unveil the topic of Computer Programming in general and by the way answering some of the myths and questions people have around this topic of Computer Programming.

You will learn all the theory behind software development, including the needs and characteristics of a computer program.

You will learn what is a computer program

You will come out knowing exactly what is a language and what is a programming language.

You will learn about the 03 main programming platforms and the programming languages associated to them

You will learn about IDE’s, including the NetBeans IDE and Compilation whict is the translation process from our High Level Programming languages to the Low Level languages that the computer can directly execute.

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You will learn about SDLC which is a methodology for analyzing the needs of an organization or an individual, and producing the software that meets those needs; This is a key characteristic of computer programs, which is problem solving.

No computer program exist out of a vacuum, they exist to solve specific problems

You will be introduced to the Java Programming language as a High Level Programming Language with some practicals using the NetBeans IDE.




Introduction to Computer Programming: Myths and Questions Answered

Introduction to Computer Programming

Defining a Computer and a Computer Program

Programming Platforms and Associated Programming Languages

Language, Programming and Programming Languages

Software Development

IDE’s and Compilation

SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle)

Introducing the Java Programming Language

Practice time with Java Programming Language

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