[Complete Guide] Travel More and Travel Better
Travel Like A Pro Even On A Budget

What you will learn

How to find cheap flights and the best sites to use

How to pack like a pro, what to bring and how to pack it

Take the stress out of money and travel

Learn exactly how to save money

Learn from people who are world travelers and know exactly how to travel

Much much more! (this course will be continually updated!)


Do you ever scroll the internet wishing you could travel the world?

Do you love the idea of traveling to beautiful locations all around the world, trying new foods, and drinks?

Do you want to visit exotic beaches, hidden treasures, amazing jungles, mountains, or landmarks you’ve only seen on TV?

Do you want to finally travel and not keep pushing off your trip for months, even years?

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If you answered yes to these questions, this course is built specifically for you! This course will help you travel throughout the world even if you aren’t rich and don’t have a ton of money. So it’s time to stop making excuses and make it happen!!! This course has EVERYTHING you need to travel longer, travel more, and travel like a pro!

Your course is created by best-selling author, Mike Rush, who has 10+ years of experience traveling the world. He’s explored over 23+ countries, 42+ states throughout the United States, and has a huge passion for traveling! Take your travel experience to the next level with a variety of incredible tips that will make you travel better, smarter, have more fun, and will be more affordable than you ever imagined possible!

This complete guide will help you with everything you could possibly need help with.

Travel, travel more, have fun, flights, hotels and much more.




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How to Travel Cheap and Better! – MONEY

Money! Money! Money! Let’s talk finances!
Money! 3 Biggest Expenses to Focus on
Money – Breakdown your expenses
Money – Pre-travel expenses
Money – During travel expenses
Money – Post travel expenses


Flights – Introduction
Flights – Fundamentals of booking flights
Flights – Favorite Websites
Flights – Skyscanner.com
Flights – Google.com/flights
Flights – Kayak.com



How to Pack

How to Pack
How to Pack – Backpack
How to Pack – Must Haves
How To Pack – How to Pack Technologies
How to Pack – What to Never pack!

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging
Travel Blogging – Passion
Travel Blogging – Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you travel like a local?
Is long term travel lonely?
What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve faced?
How do you deal with language barriers?

Additional Tips and Advice!

No Excuses. Everyone CAN do it!
Go for it! Timing is NEVER perfect

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Thank you! – Please leave a review!!