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Agile Scrum Course – Agile Project Management-Scrum Master Certification- Professional Scrum Master

What you will learn

Learn everything about Agile project management and Scrum

Learn all the details about the scrum by going through the scrum journey in this lecture

Learn the hybrid project management and knwo the Cons and pros of traditional project management and agile

Learn about different roles and responsibilities in a agile project

Learn what is your accountability as a Scrm master in the project

Learn examples from software development and banking system

Learn about the risk and anti-patterns and how to deal with the them in an agile project

Scrum Events, Roles, and Artifacts

Friendly use of pictures to remember thing faster and easier

Series of quizzes to evaluate your Learning

Valuable external resources and examples


Guarantee to to change your mindset to Agile to “complete twice tasks in half the time”

** 3+ hours of Agile Scrum complete course! This course will form an understanding of Agile Scrum Project Management both on theory and practice and prepare you for the scrum master exam.  It contains engaging and motivating content that would be applicable to many project including software, engineering, architecture, marketing, etc.


What will you learn?

This course offers one of most seamless all-inclusive online tutorials for learning Agile Project management and Scrum Framework. It includes all the important section of scrum journey. This course provides you with valuable all inclusive know-how about Agile project management and Scrum both in theory and practice.


What is Agile Scrum?

Agile is a mindset to and one of the most popular approaches for managing complex projects, according to PMI over 70% of the world’s organizations are using Agile. Agile is the mindset and umbrella for several frameworks which Scrum is the most famous one. Almost 50% of the agile projects are done by Scrum framework.


How I can help you with this course:

  • How to manage Projects using Scrum and Agile
  • Learn where you stand in the whole scrum project
  • Learn your responsibilities as a developer, scrum master and product owner
  • Do a bit of surgery to understand the Scrum framework step by step
  • Many people confess Agile and Scrum is a chaos and hard to understand, but not definitely after this course.
  • Many useful external resources are provided
  • Several quizzes after each section which helps you to practice and evaluate your learning
  • Use of engaging pictures and visualizations to make it easy to remember
  • Pass the Scrum Certification Exam on your first attempt
  • Several extra resources and examples to make sure you become Agile!


Here is a list of the topics you will learn in this course:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Components (Team, Events , Artifacts)
  • Scrum Journey Step by step
  • Requirement gathering
  • Developing User stories
  • Release Planning
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint planning and Sprint Backlog
  • Estimation method (story points and velocity)
  • Daily Scrum
  • Project progress tracking
  • Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective







Traditional Project Management

Agile Project Management- Part 01

Agile Project Management- Part 02

Scrum Framework

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Agile Scrum

Scrum Components

Scrum Team (Roles)

Scrum Events

Scrum Artifacts

Scrum Components

Scrum Journey-Part1

Requirement gathering-Discover User Needs

Requirement gathering-User Stories

Release Planning+Product Backlog

Scrum Journey

Scrum Journey- Part2

Sprint +Sprint Planning

Sprint Backlog

Story Points


Sprint Planning Recap

Scrum Journey-Part 2

Scrum Journey- Part 3

Daily Scrum

Product Increment

Sprint Review

Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Framework_Recap

Scrum Journey-Part3

Uncertainty and Risk



Other- Agile Software