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What you will learn

A deep understanding on CISSP Domain-1 Concepts

Daily Targets to follow a set plan for your CISSP Exam

Be ready to understand and apply concepts of Governance and Risk Management

A focused video course for passing the CISSP Exam in First Attempt.

Get latest CISSP Objectives as per upcoming changes from April 2024.


(ISC)2 keep updating the CISSP Exam Curriculum every 3 years to remain relevant with the new Cybersecurity challenges as per JobΒ Taks Analysis. (ISC) has announced important updates effective from 15 April 2024.

This course will help you get familiar with all those major changes and make you familiar with the perspective to answer related to those topics. This course also provides you an important framework to prepare for the CISSP exam.Β This is the approach I follow to train may students for CISSP through my most popular CISSP Success Toolkit Program.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. Identity and understand the changes in CISSP Exam.

2. Understand the perspective of these changes.

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3. Understand the Next-Gen approach to prepare for CISSP.

4. Covers domain wise and topic wise changes, upcoming in the CISSP exam from April 2024.

The exam also explains the Next-Gen approach or the smart way to prepare and pass the CISSP exam. The traditional approach to prepare for CISSP is no more effective and many students are losing their hard-earned money once they fail in the CISSP Exam.

As an Udemy instructor, I am on a mission to help 1000s of CISSPs get certified this year and hence this courser is an effort in the same direction. The videos in the course have been kept concise and to the point to provide the maximum value.

You are requested to ensure completing the course for maximum benefit from this course.




Type of Changes in CISSP Exam
Exam Changes
Overview of Objective Changes
CISSP Domain-1 Changes
CISSP Domain-2 Changes
CISSP Domain-3 Changes
CISSP Domain-4 Changes
CISSP Domain-5 Changes
CISSP Domain-6 Changes
CISSP Domain-7 Changes
CISSP Domain-8 Changes
Conclusion on Changes
The Three Headed Success Framework
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