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Charismatic Leadership - Leading Across Generations
A pragmatic program that is designed to build your natural strengths to make you a leader

What you will learn

Understanding concepts of leadership

Developing teamwork

Charismatic leaders

Leadership development and succession planning

Communication and conflicts resolution

International and culturally diverse aspects of leadership


In todayโ€™s competitive global world, if you are not leading, then you are not living. Traditional ways to succeed no longer work and you have to look beyond them to achieve greater success. Leading is an important trait that can be used in development of an organization. To initiate decisions that are translated in to concrete actions can be done only by true leaders who can fore see all kinds of situations. Managers must guide and motivate their people to achieve newer heights and become an asset to the company. A leader must direct, influence and motivate employees to perform essential tasks. At times of emergency, every manager must act as a leader to overcome business crisis.

A good leader guides, instructs and motivates his fellow assistants and helps them work better. The skills, effectiveness and capacity of a great leader depend on how he manages his subordinates in times of crisis. He should work together along with other co workers to benefit the organization he is working in.Great leaders have the capacity to influence the subordinates in a positive way and get the work done in lesser time with the collective efforts of each employee. Leadership qualities are necessary in each individual, especially in people who are in managerial positions.

Managerial leadership can be seen in different dimensions in the modern day organizations. It has a great impact on business if used positively in the right approach. The best managers understand the people, systems, solutions and issues better than the others, giving them more time to find an appropriate solution for the problem.

While some are born with leadership qualities, others need to learn it through an extensive program. Whatever the way, leadership qualities are the future of any company and finding employees who have the confidence to lead is very necessary.

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Employees of today are not told what to do anymore. They come into the job fully armed with all the leadership qualities that are required to run a team in a successful way. The team of employees are also trained so well that all you have to do is assist them in reaching their goals while they do all the management. Dictating is never encouraged while inspiring and empowering are still considered the best way to get work done from the employees. Well trained leaders effectively engage their team by focusing on team leadership development. Leadership is obligatory to effectively take charge of a team full of people with different attitude.

Managers of today are willing to adapt to the changes and improve team performance by improving their own leadership skills instead of training the other workers. It is only after self improvement that you can empower the others. So, in conclusion, it is just not about pushing anymore. It is about reaching the top and pulling the others to your heights. The leadership program will help you in achieve all these. If you want to become a good manager and mostly a great leader, you should enrol yourself in this managerial leadership program.

Course Description

  1. Understanding concepts of leadership โ€“ this is an introductory section where you understand the basic concepts of leadership, leadership ethics and social responsibilities, creativity & leadership practices, organizational methods to enhance creativity and types of leadership development programs.
  2. Developing teamworkโ€“ here you will learn how to develop teamwork. The leaderโ€™s actions that foster team work, leaders actions that foster team work, e- leadership for virtual teams and contingency and situation leadership.
  3. Charismatic leadersโ€“ this section will explain the basic types of charismatic and transformational leadership and communication style of charismatic leaders.
  4. Leadership development and succession planning โ€“ here you learn the leadership development and succession planning through education and experience and also through mentoring and coaching.
  5. Communication and conflicts resolution โ€“ in this section you will understand various non verbal communications of effective leaders and overcoming of cross cultural communication barriers. A leaderโ€™s role in resolving conflicts and negotiating, various influence tactics of leaders and managerial grid of leadership behaviour are studied under this subheading.
  6. International and culturally diverse aspects of leadership โ€“ here you learn the various international and cultural diverse aspects of leadership courses. You will also learn about leadership initiative for achieving cultural diversity.


Understanding concepts of Leadership

Understanding Concepts of Leadership
Leadership Ethics and Social Responsibility
Continuation of Leadership Ethics & Social Responsibility
Creativity & Leadership Practices
Organizational Methods to Enhance Creativity
Types of leadership development programs

Developing Teamwork

A learning organization
Introduction to Developing Team Work
Leaders actions that foster team work
E- Leadership for virtual teams
Actions generally requiring organization structure or policy
Contingency and Situation Leadership.pptx- Feidler theory
situational leadrship- PARTII

Charismatic Leaders

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership.- Introduction- PARTI
Communication style of charismatic leaders
Transformational Leaders & PARTIII & A
Types of charismatic leaders

Leadership Development and Succession planning

Leadership Development and Succession Planning
Leadership Development through education and expereince
Leadership Development through mentoring and coaching_part 01
Leadership Development through mentoring and coaching_part 02

Communication and Conflicts Resolution

communication and conflicts resolution
Non verbal communication of effective leaders
Overcoming cross cultural communication barriers
Leader&s role in resolving conflicts and negotiating
Influence tactics of leaders- Part I_part01
Influence tactics of leaders- Part I_part02
Various influence tactics
Managerial Grid of leadership behaviour

International and culturally diverse aspects of leadership

International and cultural diverse aspects of LCD-PARTII
International and Culturally diverse aspects of Leadership.pptx- Part I
Leadership initiative for achieving cultural diversity