CFD Post Training Course

What you will learn

Introduction & General Settings Contours & Legend & Vectors Locations

Streamline Animation Periodic & Symmetric boundary conditions

Function calculator Volume Rendering Expressions

Chart Particle Tracking Course Overview


CFD Post Training Course

ANSYS CFD-Post software is one of the most powerful tools for all ANSYS Fluent fluid dynamics products. It provides everything needed to visualize and analyze fluid dynamic results. Its high-quality post-processing display and automation to ease repetitive tasks have made it popular in recent years. After passing this CFD Post Training Course, you are ready to claim yourself as a CFD-Post expert.

What do you learn in this training course?

In this course, you will learn how to use different tools for post-processing, including making contours, vectors, streamlines, plots, animations, etc. It should be noted that all the related settings and options will be discussed in detail; however, it has been tried to be as practical as possible so that the graduates can work efficiently with the software after the end of the course.


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This course contains 12 video lessons and a final project as an exam to get the ANSYS CFD Post Certification.

This course is divided into three main lessons and some sub-lessons. You are strongly recommended not to skip any sections even if you know the content.

This course starts with an introduction to CFD-post and the different main parts of it. Without any waste, the three essential tools and their settings are presented.

  • Session 1: Introduction & General Settings
  • Session 2: Contours & Legend & Vectors

Then, three more tools are discussed.

  • Session 3: Locations
  • Session 4: Streamline
  • Session 5: Animation

In the second half of this course, you will learn how to use functions and make expressions and some professional tools. You can see the list of content below:

  • Session 6: Periodic & Symmetric boundary conditions
  • Session 7: Function calculator
  • Session 8: Volume Rendering
  • Session 9: Expressions
  • Session 10: Chart
  • Session 11: Particle Tracking
  • Session 12: Course Overview


CFD Post Training Course

CFD POST Course, Session 1 Introduction and General Settings
CFD POST Course, Session 2 Contours, Legend, and Vectors
CFD POST Course, Session 3 Locations
CFD POST Course, Session 4 Streamlines
CFD POST Course, Session 5 Animation
CFD POST Course, Session 6 Periodic & Symmetric Boundary Condition
CFD POST Course, Session 7 Function Calculator
CFD POST Course, Session 8 Volume Rendering
CFD POST Course, Session 9 Expressions
CFD POST Course, Session 10 Chart