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CapCut Video Editing To Create TikTok, Reels & Shorts Story
Beginner to expert short-form video editing course using the CapCut video editing software

What you will learn

Capcut: What is capcut.

User Interface: Understanding each of the features in capcut

Create: Creating a new project

Basic Editing: How to trim, cut, and editing such as crop, rotate and flip

Aspect Ratios: Understanding and setting video dimensions.

Filters and Effects: Applying visual effects and filters.

Effect: Using motion on video like black out / fade in / spin ou.

Audio Editing: Adjusting sound levels and adding music.

Voiceovers: Recording and adding voice narration.

Text-To-Speech: Writing a text and get AI to do the voiceover for you

Text : Adding and customizing text in videos.

Style: Styling your text, making it stand out

Transitions: Creating smooth transitions between clips.

Animation: Creating dynamic motion for elements in videos.

Exporting: Saving and sharing videos in various formats.

More Learnings: Create amazing short-form videos


Welcome to the CapCut Video Editing Masterclass! Unleash your creative potential and take your video editing skills to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, this comprehensive course has something for everyone.

In this course, you’ll explore the world of video editing with CapCut, a versatile and user-friendly mobile and desktop app. You’ll learn to create stunning videos for social media, YouTube, or any platform of your choice. We’ll start with the basics, covering everything from the user interface and essential tools to project creation and video settings.

As you progress, you’ll dive deeper into the art of video editing. You’ll discover how to crop, rotate, and flip your videos, enhance quality, and add captivating filters. We’ll guide you through trimming, splitting, speeding up, slowing down, reversing, and freezing video clips for dynamic storytelling.

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Audio plays a crucial role in video creation, and we’ll show you how to add music, sound effects, your voice, and even utilize text-to-speech for professional voiceovers. You’ll also learn how to add and customize text, create captivating animations, and generate auto-captions for accessibility.

Our course covers various effects, transitions, and stylish elements to make your videos stand out. You’ll understand the differences between animation and transition, and how to apply them effectively. Plus, you’ll explore retouching options and the magical world of video effects.

Join us in this exciting journey, and by the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to create captivating and visually appealing videos that leave a lasting impression. Let’s bring your video editing dreams to life with CapCut!



Welcome To CapCut Course

What Is CapCut?

CapCut Basics

Introducing User Interface

Creating Your First Video Project

How Do We Start A Project
How To Add Or Remove Additional Picture Or Videos
How Do We Save To Export To Our Gallery
Where Do You Find Your Previous Project

Project Video Settings

What Is The Different Aspect Ratio Sizes?
How To Make Use Of Ratio In CapCut

Project Video Editing

How Do We Crop Our Pictures / Videos
How Do We Rotate Our Pictures / Videos
What To Do If Our Pictures / Videos Is Flip
How To Make My Pictures / Videos Quality Better?
How To Add Filters To My Pictures / Videos

Project Video Flow

How To Trim The Videos / Pictures If Is Too Long?
How To Use Split To Shorten The Video?
How To Fast Forward / Slow Down The Video?
How To Reverse The Video
How To Use Freeze?

Project Video Audio

How To Add Music To My Video
How To Look For Music
How To Add Sound Effect?
How To Add Your Own Voice In The Video?
How To Use AI Voiceover In Your Video?
How to Change Your Voice to Sound Like Someone Else?
How To Remove The Original Sound From Video?
How To Extract Music/Audio From Other Video?

Project Video Text

How To Write Words In Our Video?
How To Add Colors To Your Text?
How To Make My Words Fly In?
How To Change The Font Of Our Text?
What Other Thing Can I Do To My Text?
How To Auto Generate Captions For My Video?

Project Video Effect

What Is The Difference Between Transition And Animation?
How Do We Do Transition Between Videos ?
How Do We Use Animation?
How To Use Pictures / Video Effects?