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Capcut & ChatGPT to Launch an Influencer Marketing Ad Agency
Viral Content Creation Mastery: Revolutionize Digital Marketing with ChatGPT, Capcut and AI Tools for Influencer Success

What you will learn

Capcut Editing Skills: Learn the essentials of editing with Capcut, focusing on creating eye-catching videos with ease.

ChatGPT Scriptwriting: Discover how to use ChatGPT for crafting compelling video scripts quickly and creatively.

Voiceover Techniques: Understand the basics of creating engaging voiceovers using AI tools like Eleven Labs.

Kaiser AI Animation: Explore how to transform characters into cartoons for unique video effects with Kaiber AI.

Pictory AI for Captions: Get hands-on experience in adding automatic captions to your videos using Pictory AI.

Canva for Video Formatting: Learn to use Canva for adapting your videos for different platforms like YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

Influencer Marketing Insights: Gain practical knowledge on how to tailor content for influencer marketing and viral success.

Multi-Platform Content Strategy: Develop skills to create and adapt content for multiple social media platforms to maximize reach.

Monetizing Digital Marketing Skills: Learn strategies to monetize your new skills in digital marketing and content creation.


Unleash the power of AI in the world of influencer marketing with our comprehensive course, “Capcut & ChatGPT for Influencer Marketing Mastery.” Designed for aspiring digital marketers, content creators, and business enthusiasts, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of creating viral videos that influencers covet.

Embark on a transformative journey where you will delve into the depths of Capcut, the free yet powerful video editing tool. From basic functionalities to advanced techniques, we ensure you emerge as a Capcut maestro, capable of crafting videos that are not just visually appealing but also highly engaging.

But why stop there? Elevate your skills with the integration of ChatGPT, an advanced AI tool that adds an extra layer of creativity to your content. Learn to harness ChatGPT to generate compelling scripts, create dynamic storylines, and even produce captivating voiceovers with tools like Eleven Labs. Your videos will not just capture attention; they will tell a story.

The course also introduces you to Kaiber AI, a revolutionary tool that transforms characters into captivating cartoon versions, adding an extraordinary flair to your videos. Imagine creating transitions so seamlessly and animations so lively that your audience remains glued to their screens.

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In a world where content is king, subtitles reign supreme. Pictory AI steps in here, allowing you to add automatic captions, ensuring your message resonates with a broader audience, including those watching mute videos.

But why limit your content to one platform? Learn to leverage Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool, to adapt your videos for various formats like YouTube Shorts and TikTok. This multi-platform approach ensures your content reaches a broader audience, maximizing visibility and impact.

Throughout this course, you will acquire technical prowess and learn the strategies to monetize these skills. Whether it’s working with online businesses, collaborating with influencers, or scaling your own brand, the possibilities are endless.

Join us in “Capcut & ChatGPT for Influencer Marketing Mastery” and embark on a journey that transforms your passion for content creation into a lucrative career. Your path to becoming an influencer marketing guru starts here.



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Congtatulations, and What to do with the NEW Skill?

Wrapping up and Your Next BIG MOVE