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C Programming Basics For Microcontrollers & Embedded System
Go from zero to hero in programming with C and C# Languages and start your Microcontroller Journey

What you will learn

Program microcontrollers with C programming language

Make a user friendly program

Learn the basics of coding in C

Trace errors in your Code easily and effectively


Step into the world of embedded systems with “Master C Programming: Embedded Systems & Microcontroller Essentials”. This course is expertly crafted to turn beginners into skilled practitioners of both C and C# programming languages, with a focus on microcontroller applications.

Why Enroll in This Course?

  1. Expertise in Dual Languages: Dive deep into the intricacies of C and C# to program microcontrollers with precision.
  2. Hands-On Microcontroller Programming: Learn to code microcontrollers from the ground up and understand their core functionality.
  3. Embedded Systems Mastery: Develop the expertise needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of embedded system technology.
  4. Practical Approach: Apply your learning with real-world examples and comprehensive C# material to reinforce basic C concepts.

Continuous Learning Promise:

Stay ahead with ongoing updates. Join over 5,200 students in this continuously evolving learning journey!


Shane Butler: “An enlightening dive into C programming.”

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Jason Holmes: “Exceptional course that’s truly comprehensive.”

Course Experience:

Forget about courses that drag on without purpose. Here, every lecture is optimized for effective learning, ensuring a quick start in C programming. The content is designed for engagement, with quizzes and practical examples accompanying each new concept.

Whether you’re completely new to microcontrollers or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course adapts to your needs. Each module builds upon the last, with ample resources like sample code and documentation to support your learning curve.

Our team of educators is dedicated to your success, providing a learning experience that’s both meaningful and empowering. While we can’t do the work for you, we are here to help you achieve your highest potential.

With free software, bonus books, and extra resources included, your journey to mastering microcontrollers and embedded systems starts here. Happy learning from the team at Educational Engineering!



Introduction and Basics

Overivew and The software to be used
Very Important Note: Review Process
Compilation Process and Your First C Project
How to increase the font size in the Programming enviroment
Why C and Basic Program Structure


Variables Example Code

Statements and Operators

Statements and Operators
Statements and Operators Example Code

LOOP Statements

LOOP Statements
While LOOP Statements Example Code
For LOOP Statements Example Code
Do While LOOP Statements Example Code

Conditions using if and switch

Conditions if and switch
if statement Example Code
Switch statements Example Code

Numbering Systems

Numbering System
Numbering System Explained in more details


Using Functions
Functions Example Code

Other Interesting Topics and Tips

Using Operators
Digital inputs and Delay loops

The Journey Ends + Free Bonuses

C Programming Basics For Microcontrollers Book

C Language Practicing with C# Microsoft Visual Studio

Download and Install Microsoft Visual Studio
Basics + Create Your First Project

Basic Input/Output Console Applications

Basic Input and Output using Console Methods
Basic Input and Output Code

Coding Your First Project

Code Your First Project
String Arguments Explained

Syntax Basics

Syntax Basics

Data Types

Data Types
Data Types Code
Type Conversion Code


Operators Example
Operator Example Code

Practice Example

Calculate My age App
Example Code

Decision Making using If statement

If statement
If statement Code
If Else + Nested If
If Else + Nested If Code

Decision Making using Switch Case

Switch Case
Switch Case Code


While Loop + Do While
While Loop + Do While Code
For Loop
For Loop Code

Bonus Lecture: Gifts and Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Bonus Lecture: Gifts and Things You Shouldn’t Miss