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Business success strategies - transform your business today
Business growth tips, shifts, and action plans to grow the business of your dreams with ease and fun

What you will learn

How to adapt a new plan-free productivity style that works like magic

How to master your PR as a digital entrepreneur

How to transform your business with an eBook

How to turn your audience from strangers to raving fans

How to bulk create your social media content with Canva and ChatGPT

How to master your video confidence in 15 days

How to think like an entrepreneur and go from idea to actual business faster and easier


Raise your hands if growing your digital business is on your goal list forn this year yet you need more help and want support and guidance from real-life entrepreneurs who walk their talk and can show you how to make your business grow faster and easier!

If this is you, then this is THE course to help you expand your business in new tried and true ways that are also so much fun!

Why learn from just one expert when you can harness the wisdom of 8 international entrepreneurs sharing their best tips, systems, and action plans with you with no fluff or time-wasting theories that never worked before!

We came together to co-create this course to show you that there isn’t just one way to business success and that you can pick and choose the strategies that work for you and align with your business and values.

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After finishing this course you will be able to:

  • Skyrocket your productivity WITHOUT burning yourself out
  • Have an action plan to do your own PR to get your business in front of more people
  • Create social media in record time thanks to Canva and ChatGPT
  • Expand your reach and get more leads with a simple eBook
  • Kiss your video fears goodbye and have unshakable camera confidence
  • Design any business plan in no time with a proven thought process that gives you clarity and excitement

We’re building a community of worldwide aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build, grow, and scale successful online businesses and we would love to have you join us!

So, if you’re ready to implement new fun strategies to grow your business, learn and get support from 8 worldwide entrepreneurs, and make new international business friends, then join the course and let’s grow our businesses together, one fun strategy at a time!




Meet the community!

PR Basics – That Most Business Owners Get Wrong – Jane Singer

Getting Started
Finding Your Angle
Structure your press release – PR for B2B Business
Following Up – PR for Business

How to avoid self-sabotage – Mary Schiller

Part 1: The old way of dealing with “self-sabotage” doesn’t work, and here’s why
Part 2: The new way of approaching “self-sabotage” that makes it a non-issue

Plan-Free Productivity – Laura Robinson

(Almost) Plan-Free Producivity – Laura Robinson

The author advantage: Transform your business with an ebook – Tanya Wilde

Launch your ebook in the next 90 days

Strangers to Loyal Fans: The Power of Truly Understanding Your Audience – Andrea

Strangers to loyal fans: The Power of Truly Understanding Your Audience

Create Bulk Social Media Post Using Canva and Chat GPT – Giselle Ysidron

Creating Bulk Social Media Using Canva and ChatGPT

Video Confidence 15-day plan – Melanie Falvey

Video confidence booster plan
How it works – The calendar

From idea to online business – The thought process they never taught you – Kenz

The magic of a simple thought process before taking any action or creating plans

Your next steps and implementation plan

Your 7-day implementation plan
Bonus lecture