Leverage the US Federal Marketplace to jumpstart your business.

What you will learn

Explore US Federal government sources for opportunities

Using NAICS codes to build a team or find customers.

Structure your business and team for success.

Options for legal assistance like contracts and policies.

Understand business credit fundamentals.


Have you ever considered the US Federal Marketplace, as a potential source for business opportunities?

Think about it…The US Federal Government is the largest buyer or products and services in the world.

  1. They pay within 30 days or less after delivery.
  2. They have opportunities of all sizes, so that every size business can participate.
  3. They buy almost every product that is sold to consumers.
  4. They buy almost every service available in the public sector.
  5. So, the only question remaining is whether you are ready to get started.

In this course, I provide an introduction to a strategy that I use every day to grow my business. The focus is to grow your available capital, and then use that to grow your businesses revenue by leveraging opportunities in the US Federal Marketplace. You then delegate the management of the project execution to select team members.

This course is not meant to provide you with every step necessary to be successful in this strategy. It represents a portion of a much larger project.

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You will have enough information after viewing all of the materials in this course, to perform your own research as far as what pieces are remaining before you begin, if you should choose.

Rinse and repeat.

I hoe you enjoy. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and helping in any way that I can.




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Introduction to Team
Structure of a team
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Finale – You made it!