Learn how to start and set up a creative business, be productive and profitable while giving you more time to create.

What you will learn

Basic business for artists, foundation steps to set your business up correctly and professionally from the very beginning.

Learn steps to put in place in your art business to keep you organised and in control

The basics of multiple artist income streams, what and how to do manage them.

It is possible to be an artist and run a professional, organised and profitable business.

The basics of running a successful and profitable art business


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  • Learn business practices and put in place effective systems to run a creative business confidently and efficiently. This will save you money, make you money and give you more time for your creativity.
  • Set your business up and build a professional creative business or side hustle. Start with your website and social media presence and formalise your business venture.
  • The importance of running an organised office system to keep your customers and suppliers happy. Giving better customer service than your opposition is a great way to build a great customer experience and encourage repeat customers. Knowing that your creations are safely stored and ready to be shipped quickly when you receive an order, giving a seemless experience for your customer.
  • Researching your products, your opposition and multiple income streams to bring in income all year round. The importance of different avenues and platforms to sell your products to reach a wider audience.
  • How to deal with disappointment, your inner critic and imposter syndrome. Being in business can be difficult at times but the most exciting and rewarding thing you can do.
  • Looking after yourself and knowing when to take a break, and most importantly scheduling in time for your creativity.



Unit 1 Basic Business Set Up
Unit 2 Researching Your Business
Unit 3 Being Organised In Business
Unit 4 Multiple Income Streams
Unit 5 Being Tough In Business
Unit 6 Tying It All Up