Release the Entrepreneur within and become financially free within the Crypto Industry

What you will learn

Understanding the crypto industry and how you can contribute

Developing a Successful Crypto Career Plan

Finding the right crypto job

Negotiating a crypto job offer

Understanding your strengths, values, and goals to build a strong Crypto Career Path

Building a strong resume and cover letter

Professional development within the Crypto Industry

Leadership and management skills to have in the Crypto Industry

Time management and productivity

Emotional Intelligence within the Crypto Workspace

Developing passive income with Crypto

How to keep upholding a Growth Mindset within the Crypto world


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In this course we will take a look on how we can make a living within the Crypto Industry by identifying and developing the necessary skills, habits and strategies to make a meaningful impact in your future Career Path.

We will also talk through what you need to know about the Crypto Industry and be part of a solution for creating your own income streams to release the Entrepreneur from within.

The course will touch on helping the student come up with a great CV that are relevant to the Crypto industry and also coach the student on skills to show during interviews plus how to negotiate the salary once the job offer has been offered.

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This course encourage Career Coaching where the student will be able to create a solid infrastructure to take the educational content learned in the course and to put it to practice in the real life. This includes steps to create a  Personal Development Plan that will give clear Career Goals and a solid path to know what skills to develop for a successful future.

We believe that the best way to understand the content will be to teach the content to other and therefore this course is seen as a next level tool that will help students to become teachers to help more students to build their Career Path within a Crypto Industry.



Introduction and Getting Started

Welcome! Your Crypto Future is waiting 🙂 Lets Get Going!

Meeting the Crypto Industry for the first time

How to get started in the crypto industry
Building a Strong Career within the Crypto Industry
Understanding how to Navigate through the Crypto World
Finding the right crypto job and Advancing your Career
Understanding the basics on Networking effectively for a solid future career
How to prepare and develop your Interview Skills
What to know when Negotiating a Job Offer
Managing your Crypto Career for future sustainability and success!
Focussing on the important documents => Your CV and Cover Letter!

Professional Development | Discovering the Entrepreneur inside you!

What you need to know about Emotional Intelligence
Things to know about Communication within a Remote Setting
Developing essential skills for having great Time Management <= What to know
Showing Great Leadership and Management Skills! Critical Important to know
Identify your strengths, values, and career goals. Important overview.
What you need to know to develop a great Career Roadmap

Connecting the dots: Your Career Path and the world of Crypto!

Understanding key concepts of the Crypto world – An Overview
Overview on various Crypto Passive Income Streams


Bonus Lecture