Build your first web app in Bubble for beginners
Launch a web app with Bubble: Build your first no-code web app step-by-step as a beginners

What you will learn

Build a fully-functional SaaS web application from scratch Build a fully-functional SaaS web application from scratch using the no-code Bubble

Understand how to design database in Bubble

Implement core features like user authentication, databases, and more with Bubble’s drag-and-drop workflow

Understand how to build UI in Bubble


Learn how to build and monetize your own SaaS web app from scratch with the no-code Bubble platform.

In this course, you’ll go from beginner to building a fully functional SaaS application using visual programming.

One of the best ways to learn Bubble is by building a complete feature set for one type of app.

This course focuses on SaaS to teach you core skills like design, workflows, and data. With the right foundations, you can create any startup idea from scratch.

This is a hands-on course where we’ll build an entire SaaS business. You’ll gain real experience tying features together to make fully dynamic apps. Discover how Bubble provides an alternative to traditional engineering for bringing ideas to reality faster.

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No prior coding experience is required!

We’ll cover:

  • The fundamentals of using Bubble’s drag-and-drop editor for no-code development
  • Implementing key SaaS features like user authentication, databases, workflows, and more
  • Design principles to create an intuitive user experience in your web app

I’ll share years of experience using Bubble to bring startup ideas to life without code. We’ll build a real-world app together from concept to launch.

By the end, you’ll have the no-code skills to turn ideas into SaaS businesses.

Bring your web app dreams to reality with Bubble!




The app we are going to build in this course
Bubble Editor introduction

Building the homepage

Tips to design responsive layout
The differences of Rows and Column. How to choose one?
Using Row and Column in Bubble Editor. Set child’s width based on Parent Width
Design Header’s Logo
Create the Buttons on Header
Conditional Layout in Bubble: Design Header Responsively
Homework #1: Improving the header
Body Section: Create Hero section with Heading, Subtitle and buttions
Add A Hero Image Element
Make the Hero section responsive with Conditional Layout
Homework #2: Add styles and hover behavior for buttons

Basics about Workflow and Database in Bubble: Design your app data

Section introduction: Tell you what we will do in this section
Do basic Workflow and Action in Bubble: Go to a new page
Create a new page in Bubble: Create Trending page
Concept about the database (table, fields, and record) and how to design it
Design Color table, Palette table and their fields
Add new entry to Palette table. Homework #3: Fill more data to Database
Repeated Group – Loading list of data from database with Bubble
Display color for testing and update the database
Analyze the frontend: What’s Nested Repeated Group in Bubble
Display data in the nest repeated group
Advance: Upload and generate data via CVS (Optional)
Homework #4: Style Repeated Group and add an icon

User authentication for the app

Create a Pop up Required login
Add Text Input Email and Password to the pop-up
Create a sign up page
Add User Authentication workflow: Sign user up and the Use Only condition
Visible on page load and create an avatar group
Create a sign out feature
How to use Reusable Element in Bubble: The Popup Login
Homework #5: Practice to create and use Reusable Element in Bubble.

Tips to design layout faster and better with Bubble

Use Bubble Component Collection to build UI faster in Bubble – Build Footer
Design Go Pro Popup

Publish App, Conclusion and what’s next

SEO/MetaTags, Custom Domain & Publish app
What we have learned so far and what’s next